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Laura D. Borger


August 2012

Master of Arts, English
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Focus: Rhetoric & Composition and Literature

  Research paper submitted in part for graduation: "There's Something British about That: Arual Expressionism and Montage in Hitchcock's Blackmail, Psycho, and The Birds"



August 2003


Master of Science, Speech Communication
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Focus: Pedagogy and Performance Studies


Thesis: My Journey Toward Praxis: A Critical Reflection of Educational Risk



December 1998

Bachelor of Arts
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale


Major: English



December 1998

Bachelor of Science
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale


Major: English Education



January 2013-Present

Department of English
Sparta High School

Teaching sections of Literature and Language III to juniors and Literature and Language IV to seniors.  Also co-teaching sections of Language Arts for at-risk learners requiring remediation during their transition to high school.  Working closely with special education department to meet the needs of students with IEP’s.   Maintaining class website to supplement instruction: www.original-ink.net.  Working with the department of English to align curriculum to the Common Core.


Fall 2005 - Fall 2012

Term Faculty
Department of English & Department of Humanities
John A. Logan College

Taught Developmental Writing Skills for at-risk populations (ENG 052) and English Composition (ENG 101).  Employed non-traditional, creative pedagogical strategies to meet individualized needs of students in order to prepare them for upper level English and speech courses.  Worked closely with Student Success Center to supplement instruction and provide additional support to students.   Conducted workshops in computer labs / smart classrooms for composition courses. Worked with College Readiness and Career Prep program for students transitioning between high school and college.


Fall 2010 - Spring 2012

Graduate Instructor
Department of English
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Implemented standardized curriculum for two sections of English 101 per semester. Taught English 291 (Technical Writing) and English 102 (see course descriptions).  Worked closely with faculty and staff at the Achieve Program, Saluki Athletics, and the Center for Academic Success, to ensure student success.  Actively mentored other new graduate instructors. In addition to the Blackboard Learning System, implemented course website to supplement instruction: www.original-ink.net. Nominated for the Graduate Teaching Assistant of the Year Award, Spring 2011. View course calendars and assignments on Previous Course Calendars page.


Fall 2009

Term Faculty
Humanities Division
Southeastern Illinois College

Taught sections of Film Appreciation and Principles of Speaking.  Worked closely with Student Support Services to support at-risk students.  Supplemented classroom instruction with course website.


August 2006 – June 2009

Department of English
Marion High School

Employed non-traditional, creative pedagogical strategies to meet the needs of Freshmen through Senior level students.  Taught sections of English 1, Honors English 1, basic composition, journalism, and oral communication (see course calendars).  Worked closely with Williamson County Special Education to meet needs of students with IEP’s.  Sponsored The Student, the MHS newspaper.  Sponsored forensic speech team for 2007-2008 season.  Maintained class website to supplement instruction: www.original-ink.net.  Developed and maintained curriculum map as part of nation wide school improvement plan.  Facilitated vertical articulation between high school and junior high English departments.  Worked on John A. Logan’s College Readiness and Career Prep facilitating vertical articulation between high schools and community colleges in the region.


August 2001 – 2006

Department of English
Carbondale Community High School

Employed non-traditional, creative pedagogical strategies to meet the needs of top, mid, and low-track Freshman through Senior level students in literature based composition courses.  Worked collaboratively with Individualized Students Services to meet the needs of IEP students.  Provided support services for at-risk students as a member of the CCHS Care Team.  Served as assistant coach to the Speech Team.  Developed and implemented new mentor cohort to successfully transition new faculty into the department.  Maintained class website to supplement instruction http://www.original-ink.net.


Aug 1999 –
May 2001


Graduate Instructor
Department of Speech Communication
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Developed and implemented two undergraduate speech courses per semester.  Designed and assessed college level writing and speaking assignments.  Contributed to the overall success of the program by mentoring and assisting new graduate assistants.  Performed the following position in conjunction with instructor duties.

Jan. 2001 –
May 2001


Administrative Assistant
Department of Speech Communication
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Represented Department at University recruitment open houses.  Coordinated the expansion of the Hibbs scholarship program for incoming Freshmen.


Feb. 1999 –
June 1999



Mt. Vernon Township High School
Mt. Vernon, Illinois

One of the first individuals invited to participate in a statewide pilot internship program.  Co-authored A Handbook of Reflective Questions for Beginning Teachers, a document intended for use in new teacher induction programs.  Team-taught three separate English courses.  Assisted speech team coach.  Chaperoned field-trip experiences, school functions, and Special Olympics.  Served as a classroom assistant for the Special Education Department.  Observed local alternative schools.

Aug. 1998 –
Dec. 1998

Student Teacher
Mt. Vernon Township High School
Mt. Vernon, Illinois

Taught Writing for Publication and Creative Writing.  Assisted speech team coach.  Co-sponsored and edited the school newspaper and yearbook.  Facilitated and implemented the first student coffee house and poetry night.



Aug. 1996-
Dec. 1998

Classroom Assistant
Achieve Center
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Tutored and mentored students with learning disabilities individually and in small groups in subjects ranging from English and Communication to Spanish and History.  Proctored exams, read books on tape, and served as a note-taker.  Served as an advocate and liaison between students and professors.






Perfect Human: Revisited Ensemble Underscore Performance Collective: University South Florida, 2005


The Show

Sofia: Lead Female

Juraj Bohus: MFA Production, SIUC, 2001




Four Dollar Latte

Featured Performer

Kate O'Grady: New York Women and Work Performance Project, 2004 


Landlady and Old Woman

McCleod Theater, 2003 

Awareness Performance: Take Back the Night

Featured Performer

Carbondale Women’s Center, 1998-2002   

SIREA: Annual Benefit for AIDS

Featured Performer

Dr. Craig Gingrich-Philbrook: Kleinau Theater, 1998-2001 


The Big Jason Hedrick’s Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Show: The Play That Never Was


Barbie: Lead Female

Jason Hedrick: Greylight Theater Collective, 2000    

Last Words


Jennifer Tuder: Kleinau Theater, 2000

Geek Love

Ellie: Conjoined Twin

Dr. Elyse Pineau: Kleinau Theater, 2000 


Screening Bodies


Marcy Chvasta: & Michael LeVan: Kleinau Theater, 1999 

Seeing Red


Kleinau Theater, 1999 

Spotlight Performance Hours

Featured Performer

Kleinau Theater, 1997-2001 

The Merchant of Venice

Portia: Lead Female

Alex Chrestopoulos: McCleod Theater, 1996



Presenter: “On the Frontline of Literacy: Risk and Reward,” The 53rd Annual Midwestern Modern Language Association (MMLA) Conference. St. Louis, November 2011.

Presenter: “On the Frontline of Literacy: Risk and Reward,” The 5th Annual AEGIS Graduate Student Conference:  Doom, Despair, and Daisies: Challenging Traditions in English Studies, Southern Illinois University, April 2011

Gretchen Courtney & Associates, Ltd., ACT Writing Workshop, February 2006 & 2008

Advanced Placement & Vertical Team Summer Institute, Western Kentucky University, June 2007

KFVS 12 News Heartland's Best Teacher, Regional Award, May 2006

Ruby Payne Conference on Poverty Issues in Education, April 2006

Coordinator CCHS English Department Retreat, April 2004

Thomas J. Pace Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching, May, 2000

Facilitated Graduate Writing Workshop, Department Speech Communication, Feb. 2000

Illinois State Standards Workshop—Illinois State Board of Education: Nov. 1999, Feb. 2000

Illinois Association of Teacher Educators: Oct. 1999, March 2000, Nov. 2001


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