Ceremonial Speaking


Types of ceremonial speeches:


Honors a person, group, occasion, or event
Award presentations, eulogies, toasts

Need to acknowledge an award or honor
Introduce a featured speaker in a program


Motivate listeners to appreciate and commit to a goal, purpose, or set of values
This may be religious, commercial, political, or social in nature


Entertain an audience; leave a guide to future behavior


Master of Ceremonies:
Coordinate a program and see that everything runs smoothly


Two techniques vital to the effectiveness of ceremonial speaking:
Identification: speech creates the feeling that speaker and listeners share goals, values, emotions, memories, motives, and cultural background
Use story telling (narrative) to make connections
Recognize heroes & heroines
Renew commitments
Magnification: When you select certain features of a person or event & magnify those features to fill the minds of the listeners
Show how people overcome obstacles or how unusual the accomplishments are
Underscore superior features of the performance
Show how listeners / society as a whole have benefited


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