Letter of Introduction

Prompt:  Write a short letter introducing yourself to Ms. Borger.

Discussion of the prompt:  Write a letter of introduction to Ms. Borger.  Discuss three traits or characteristics about yourself.  Write a short paragraph for each topic.  Try to think about personality traits or characteristics that she wouldn’t know about unless you told her.  One of the three traits must be made up.  The key to this assignment is to be believable and convincing about the false trait so that she has difficulty guessing.  Write the letter in block-letter format (see example below).  Keep your writing conversational and relaxed.  Inappropriate content will receive a failing grade and a copy will be sent home to guardians / parents.


Dear Ms. Borger:

My name is Sachiko. One thing you might not know about me is that I am a gymnast.  I started doing gymnastics when I was five.  At one point, I actually trained for the Olympics.  I qualified, but didn't make it to the finals.  Gymnastics are a great way for me to keep in shape and tends to make for good party tricks when people are bored.

Another thing you might not know is that I have a sister who lives in Australia.  She has lived there for two years as an exchange student.  We usually only get to see each other during the holidays, but email each other pretty often.  She met her boyfriend there and has just gotten engaged.  They still haven’t decided where to have the wedding, but I hope it is at home so that more of our family can attend.

You'd never guess by looking at me, but I also have six toes on my left foot.  Few people know this about me.  It is kind of odd, but I am able to get around it in the summer by wearing sandals that cover up my pinky toes.  My best friend in junior high found out about my extra toe and gave me the nickname “Pinkie.”  I usually play it off like it is from Pinky and the Brain but few people know the real origins of my nickname.

Well, these are just a few facts (and one lie) about who I am.  I’m sad the summer is over but I look forward to a good school year.  I especially hope that you guess wrong and I get five points extra credit.


Sachiko Tankei (signature)

Sachiko Tankei (printed name)


Grading Criteria:  This assignment is worth 25 points.  Letters that effectively fool Ms. Borger will earn five points extra credit.  Make sure you follow the format above (no indentions of paragraphs, 1 space between paragraphs, date and greeting at top, closing, signature, and printed name at the bottom).  Letters should be typed.  Late or improperly formatted letters will earn ˝ credit.