*Background: CWI:

  1. Should the orphanage system be reestablished? (Also Interracial America)
  2. Should foreign adoptions be encouraged?
  3. Should transracial adoption be encouraged? (Also TS: Race and Ethnicity)
  4. Is an open adoption policy preferable to a closed adoption?


  1. Is colonialism responsible for Africa's problems?
  2. Would ending apartheid in Africa benefit black South Africans?

An Aging Population

  1. Will an aging population be harmful to America?
  2. Should social security be rescued?
  3. Is the outlook for future retirees bleak?
  4. Are nursing homes beneficial?


  1. Should the health benefits of alcohol be promoted?
  2. Is advertising liquro on television and radio irresponsible? (Also CC: Alcoholism)
  3. Do television liquor ads promote underage drinking?
  4. Is Alcoholics Anonymous effective? (Also Chemical Dependency; CC: Alcoholism)
  5. Do adult children of alcoholics benefit from recovery groups? (Only in CC: Alcoholism)

American Foreign Policy
*Background-- CWI:
Human Rights

  1. Should the United States force democracy upon other nations?
  2. Does United States foreign aid harm other nations and/or the U.S.?
  3. Should a permament UN military force be established? (Only in TS: World Politics)
  4. Should China be condemned as a violator of human rights? (Only in TS: World Politics)
  5. Will European unification strengthen Europe? (Only in CC: Europe)
  6. Is German unification harmful? (Only in CC: Europe)
  7. Did the Persian Gulf War weaken the U.S.? (Only in CC: Iraq)

American History
*The following topics are discussed only in TS:
American History

  1. Was the Salem Witchcraft hysteria caused by a fear of women?
  2. Was the Mexican War an exercise in American imperialism?
  3. Have historians overemphasized the slavery issue as a cause of the Civil War?
  4. Was the New Deal an effective answer to the Great Depression?
  5. Was it necessary to drop the atomic bomb at the end of World War II?
  6. Did the antiwar movement prolong the war in Vietnam?

America's Future

  1. Will immigrants and minorities revitalize America? (Also America Beyond 2001, Culture Wars, Interracial America and Population)

America's Prisons

  1. Should prisons rehabilitate?
  2. Do prisons create a criminal personality?
  3. Will building more prisons solve prison overcrowding? (Also Crime and Criminals)

America's Victims
*Background--CWI: Victim's Rights,
Rape in America

  1. Does Repressed Memory Therapy create victims? (Also Mental Illness; TS: Childhood and Society; CC: Family Violence)
  2. Do talk shows exploit society's victims? (Also TS: Mass Media and Society)
  3. Should the Battered Somen Syndrome be a legal defense? (Also Violence; CC: Violence Against Women)
  4. Is there a date rape crisis in society? (Only in TS: Family and Personal Relationships and Human Sexuality; CC: Violence Against Women)
  5. Are self-help groups helpful? (Only in TS: Psychological Issues)

Animal Rights
Animal Rights

  1. Is animal experimentation justified? (Also: Biomedical Ethics; TS: Bioethical Issues, Moral Issues, Psychological Issues, Science, Technology and Society)
  2. Is eating meat detrimental? (Also: Health and Fitness, 21st Century Earth)
  3. Is hunting animals morally acceptable?
  4. Do zoos preserve endangered species?

Biomedical Ethics
*Background--CWI: Abortion,
AIDS Crisis in America

  1. Is fetal tissue research moral? (Also: CC: The Abortion Controversy)
  2. Is surrogate mothering a valuable service? (Also: Feminism; TS: Family and Personal Relationships; CC: Reproductive Technologies)
  3. Should humans be allowed to receive animal organ transplants?
  4. Should HIV-infected surgeons be allowed to operate? (Only in TS: Bioethical Issues)
  5. should newborns without brains be used as organ donors? (Only in TS: Bioethical Issues; CC: Ethics)
  6. Is electroconvulsive therapy safe? (Only in TS: Psychological Issues)
  7. Should post-menopausal women become pregnant? (Only in CC: Reproductive Technologies)
  8. Could genetic screening of embryos harm society? (Only in CC: Reproductive Technologies)

The Breakup of the Soviet Union

  1. Was the United States (and/or Ronald Reagan) responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union?
  2. Whould the United States retain a significant nuclear arsenal? (Also: Nuclear Proliferation)
  3. Should the West give massive foreign aid to Russia? (Only in TS: World Politics)


  1. Should flag burning be banned? (Also: TS: Legal Issues; CC: Free Speech)
  2. Are stronger child pornography laws needed?
  3. Should "hate speech" be tolerated? (Only in TS: Moral Issues, Political Issues; CC: Hate Crimes)
  4. Should government funding of the arts be restricted? (Only in CC: Free Speech)
  5. Are movie ratings effective in curbing violence? (Only in CC: Violence in the Media)
  6. Should video games be censored? (Only in CC: Violence in the Media)

Chemical Dependency;Drug Abuse

  1. Should pregnant addicts be prosecuted?
  2. Should the war on drugs (domestic or international) be abandoned? (Also CC: Drug Trafficking)
  3. Should employees be tested for drug use? (Also TS: Business Ethics and Society; CC: The AIDS Crisis, Illegal Drugs)
  4. Are the D.A.R.E. programs and other anti-drug programs effective? (Only in CC: Illegal Drugs, Teen Addiction)
  5. Is the tobacco industry to blame for leading people to smoke? (Only in CC: Smoking)
  6. Can curbs on cigarette smoking advertising help prevent teenage smoking? (Only in CC: Teen Addiction)

Child Abuse; Child Welfare
*Background--CWI: Childhood Sexual Abuse; Children's Rights;
Cults in America

  1. Is satanic ritual abuse of children widespread?
  2. Is child testimony in abuse cases generally credible?
  3. Can orphanages be beneficial for needy children?
  4. Is spanking detrimental to children? (Only in TS: Childhood and Society; CC: Family Violence)
  5. Do fathers have legitimate reasons for refusing to pay child support? (Only in TS: Family and Personal Relationships)
  6. Do courts discriminate against fathers in custody hearings? (Only in TS: Gender Studies)
  7. Are children of divorced parents at greater rish? (Only in TS: Psychological Issues, Family and Personal Relationships; CC: Marriage and Divorce)

Christopher Columbus

  1. Was Christopher Columbus a hero?
  2. Are modern attacks on Christopher Columbus justified?

Crime and Criminals; Criminal Justice; Gangs; Juvenile Crime
*Background--CWI: Crime in America, Gangs, School Violence, Violent Children)

  1. Does community-based policing prevent crime? (Also CC: Police Brutality)
  2. Does the "three strikes" law deter crime? (Also TS: Crime and Criminology)
  3. Should violent juvenile criminals be tried as adults? (Also Violence; CC: Youth Violence)
  4. Can prison boot camps reform young defenders?
  5. Do victim's rights threaten defendants' rights? (Also America's Victims)
  6. Should tough laws target gangs? (Also CC: Youth Violence)
  7. Is juvenile crime a serious problem in the schools? (Also CC: Crime)
  8. Does television violence contribute to juvenile crime? (Also Mass Media; TS: Childhood and Society, Psychological Issues)
  9. Are curfews effective and constitutional?

Culture Wars

  1. Should the United States embrace diverse cultural influences? Also America's Future, Interracial America, Population; TS: Educational Issues)
  2. Is multicultural education helpful?
  3. Has Madonna liberated American women?
  4. Is rap music decadent? (Also TS: Crime and Criminology; CC: Free Speech, Violence in the Media, Youth Violence)
  5. Should rock music be labeled?

Death and Dying; Euthanasia; Suicide

  1. Do hospices provide the best care for the dying?
  2. Are living wills beneficial?
  3. Should physician-assisted suicide be legalized? (Also TS: Legal Issues)

Education in America; Teenage Pregnancy

  1. Should the government offer school vouchers? (Also TS: Educational Issues, Social Issues)
  2. Does multiculturalism benefit students? (Also Culture Wars)
  3. Can sex education programs prevent teenage pregnancy?
  4. Should tracking and ability grouping be eliminated? (Only in TS: Educational Issues)
  5. Should schools distribute condoms? (Only in TS: Human Sexuality)
  6. Is home schooling an effective method of education? (Only in TS: Childhood and Society)
  7. Will stricter dress codes improve the educational environment? (Only in TS: Childhood and Society)
  8. Should disabled children be mainstreamed? (Only in CC: The Disabled)

Endangered Species
*Background-- CWI:
Endangered Species

  1. Is the Endangered Species Act effective? (Also TS: Environmental Issues)
  2. Are wetland regulations fair to property owners?
  3. Should the international ban on ivory be lifted?

Genetic Engineering

  1. Will genetically altered animals benefit humankind?
  2. Is DNA fingerprinting reliable?

Global Resources; Global Warming; The Environment
*Background--CWI: Environmental Justice, The Global Refugee Crisis, Global Development, The Ozone Dilemma,

  1. Is global warming a serious threat? (Also TS: Economic Issues, Environmental Issues, Science, Technology and Society, World Politics; CC: Pollution)
  2. Is rapid introduction of electric cars a good strategy for reducing air pollution? (Also CC: Energy Alternative)
  3. Is America's drinking water safe? (Also Water)
  4. Is nuclear power a viable energy source? (Only in CC: Energy Alternatives)
  5. Is the EPA effective? (Only in CC: Pollution)

Health Care in America

  1. Is there a specialist physician glut in the health care system?
  2. Is alternative medicine safe and effective?
  3. Can chiropractors help heal many ailments?
  4. Can mental attitude affect biological disease? (Only in TS: Psychological Issues)

Health and Fitness

  1. Is milk consumption harmful?
  2. Are vitamin supplements beneficial?
  3. Are weight-loss treatments harmful?
  4. Are homeopathic remedies beneficial?
  5. Are silicone breast implants dangerous for women? (Only in TS: Gender Studies)
  6. Is compulsive gambling an uncontrollable disease? (Only in TS: Gambling)

The Homeless
*Background--CWI: American Homeless

  1. Is the extent of homelessness exaggerated? (Also Poverty)
  2. Can shelters help the homeless?

Homosexuality; Human Sexuality
Gay and Lesbian Rights

  1. Should school programs stress the acceptance of homosexuality?
  2. Can sexual orientation be changed?
  3. Should society sanction gay partnerships? (Also TS: Human Sexuality, Legal Issues; CC: Gay Rights, Marriage and Divorce)
  4. Should the military accept homosexuals? (Also TS: Human Sexuality; CC: Gay Rights)
  5. Is there a biological influence on male homosexuality? (Also TS: Human Sexuality, Psychological Issues)
  6. Does sexual addiction exist? (Also TS: Psychological Issues)

Illegal Immigration
United States Immigration

  1. Are illegal immigrants harming America? (Also Welfare; CC: Illegal Immigration)
  2. Should America admit all immigrants? (Also America's Future; TS: Political Issues, Race and Ethnicity, World Politics)

Interracial America

  1. Is emphasizing racial divrsity productive? (Also America's Future, Culture Wars)
  2. Should racial matching in adoptions be encouraged? (Also Adoption; TS: Race and Ethnicity)
  3. Should children of mixed-race unions be raised biracially? (Also Racism in America)


  1. Does Islamic fundamentalism repress women?
  2. Is political Islam a threat to the West?


  1. Should the Palestinians have their own nation?
  2. Should the United States eliminate aid to Israel?

The Legal System
Legalized Gambling

  1. Should the jury system be reformed?
  2. Are courts overburdened with frivolous lawsuits?
  3. Does the criminal justice system discriminate against blacks? (Also Criminal Justice, Crime and Criminals)
  4. Does televising trials demean justice?
  5. Should plea bargaining be abolished? (Only in TS: Legal Issues)
  6. Should casino gambling be prohibited? (Only in TS: Business Ethics and Society; CC: Gambling)
  7. Should the insanity defense be abolished? (Only in TS: Legal Issues)

Male/Female Roles; Working Women

  1. Do working parents harm children?
  2. Does day care harm children?
  3. Should men and women share domestic responsibilities?
  4. Has women's increased participation in the work force harmed society? (Also Work)
  5. Are women victims of discrimination in the workplace?
  6. Is sexual harassment in the workplace exaggerated?
  7. Should women serve in military combat? (Also TS: Gender Studies; CC: Women in the Military)

Mass Media
Violence and the Media

  1. Does media violence contribute to society's violence? (Also Violence; TS: Mass Media and Society; CC: Violence in the Media)
  2. Should executions be televised?
  3. Is subliminal persuasion a threat? (Also TS: Psychological Issues)
  4. Is television harmful for children? (Only in TS: Mass Media and Society)

Mental Illness

  1. Is schizophrenia genetic?
  2. Is Suppressed Memory Therapy legitimate? (Also America's Victims; TS: Childhood and Society, Psychological Issues)

*Background-- CWI:
The New Information Revolution

  1. Does pornography harm society? (Also CC: Violence Against Women)
  2. Should Internet pornography be censored? (Also TS: Crime and Criminology; CC: The Information Highway)


  1. Does China still need the one-child policy?

Race Relations; Racism in America

  1. Is affirmative action unnecessary and divisive? (Also Interracial America, Work; TS: Legal Issues, Moral Issues, Political Issues; CC: Minorities)
  2. Have middle-class blacks overcome discrimination?
  3. Is hispanic poverty caused by racism?
  4. Are Asian Americans a "model minority"? (Only in TS: Race and Ethnicity)
  5. Should Quebec become a separate nation? (Only in TS: Race and Ethnicity)

Space Exploration

  1. Should the United States space shuttle program continue?

Sports in America

  1. Can competitive sports be unhealthy?
  2. Should college athletic programs be reformed?
  3. Has athletes' greed marred professional sports?
  4. Should steroids be banned from sports?

Domestic Violence

  1. Is violence in the workplace a serious problem?
  2. Does violence in the media cause violence in society? (Also Mass Media, Juvenile Crime)
  3. Is domestive violence against men a problem?

Welfare; Work
Welfare Reform

  1. Should the welfare program be reformed?
  2. Should welfare programs be turned over to the states?
  3. Are labor unions still necessary? (Also Economics in America)
  4. Do working mothers benefit families?
  5. Is it time to abolish the minimum wage? (Only in TS: Economic Issues)