COM 128A: Film Appreciation
Final Exam Review

30% is comprehensive (use quizzes to study): Objective
Dark Knight, Batman, Memento,

Film Terms: Character & Plot (from notes and pages 54-56)

Symbolism & elements of a good story (pages 41-52 & 71-80)

Genres (chapter 14)

Cinematography (chapter 5 pages 127-141)

 50% will cover last ˝ of course:  Objective
 Psycho, Metropolis, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, excerpts from Apocalypse Now & Das Boot, excerpts from Blade Runner &The Matrix

Acting (chapter 10)

Film Analysis (chapter 12)

 20% will cover This Film is Not Yet Rated
Essay portion in which you justify your position in relation to arguments made in documentary.