Com 128 – Film Appreciation


Prompt: Create a final project that synthesizes what you’ve learned in class this semester.


Discussion of the prompt:  Using one of the formats below, create a project which reflects the main components from this semester.  Consider your own talents and interests.  What aspects of films or which films or film genres interested you the most?  Feel free to explore aspects of the text we did not get to in depth.



Create a film or a film preview.  Can create an original short document, can parody genres, can attempt to play with camera angles, lighting, style, music, etc.  Contemplate creating a preview for next semester students.  Films should be 5-10 minutes in length.  Include a 1-2 page response / artist statement explaining what your film is trying to portray.

Complete a business / advertising / marketing plan for a movie of your choice.  Must create posters, layout / script commercials, and/or  print advertising.  Include a 1-2  page statement defending and explaining your choices based on the film genre, audience analysis, channels / air times / print sources / web pages, etc.  Artifacts (posters, ads, etc.) should be 8˝” X 11”.

Conduct research on a director, actor, film, special effects or other filming technique, etc.  Write a 5-7 page essay analyzing the effect this person / technique has had on the film industry at large.


Grading criteria:

Worth 250 points.

Projects will be graded globally.  You may work in pairs or small groups (3-4).  All members receive the same grade for the assignment based on peer evaluations.  Feel free to include family members and friends outside of class (although they cannot share in your grade glory).

Finals are due Thursday, December 10th.  Tuesday, November 24th is set aside for group / final project work.  Use this time to your advantage. 

Use notes / information on your course webpage ( & text.