COM 128

Write a two-page, typed, double-spaced response to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927).  Due Tuesday 11/17.

Discussion of the prompt:  Write a short response analyzing on of the following in Metropolis.

·    What does the film show / examine about the culture of its time?  How are those themes / ideas similar / different from our time? Do you see influences of Metropolis in more contemporary films of our time?

·    How would you classify this film?  Is it predominantly a social commentary (utopia vs. dystopia)?  Is it primarily a romance?  A science fiction film?  Something else?  Defend your response.

·    What are some of the predominant symbols of the film?  How does Lang use those symbols to further the themes / ideas of the film?   Mention whether the symbols are universal or created within the context of the film.

·    Discuss the acting in Metropolis.  Use ideas from your chapter 10 readings – particularly 330-331 on silent film acting.  Compare to modern film

Homework: Chapter 12, pgs 404-423 for 11/19.