Proper Email Etiquette and Form:

Consider the following guidelines when corresponding formally with email.

1. Always fill out the subject line.  If you are sending an email for the first time, identify yourself.  People will often delete emails from unknown senders thinking the message contains a virus or is unsolicited ‘spam-mail.’

2. If you are going to send an attachment, alert the recipient with an email prior to sending the message with the attachment.  That way the recipient is aware of the attachment and will not delete the message unnecessarily.  Large anonymous attachments are strong candidates for the trash can as they often contain malicious code.*

3. Begin the email with a salutation followed by either a comma (,) or a colon (:).  For example, “Dear Ms. Borger:”

4.  Keep your message brief and to the point.

5.  When sending professional email, avoid odd fonts, colors, and images that are distracting and use unnecessary storage space.

6.  When sending an email, do not simply hit “reply” to an old message that has nothing to do with your new message.  Create a new email—even if it means looking up the recipient’s address—or erase the irrelevant information.

7.  Always include a closing and a signature.  Do not assume the recipient will be able to identify you solely according to your email address.