COM 128: Film Appreciation
Borger: Fall 2009


Prompt:  Write a character analysis of The Joker as he is depicted in The Dark Knight and / or Batman.

Discussion of the prompt: Using notes, class discussion, reviews, and your text discuss how specific characterization techniques are used to develop The Joker.   Describe specific elements of his character from the film(s) and then go further – what does this characteristic or element of characterization tell us about the character?  Analyze the character by breaking him down to his component parts.  In order to get full credit, you must move beyond just summarizing and tell me what you think it means.  Don’t just say “he wears a purple suit.”  That’s too general.  Get more detailed and tell me what the purple suit means.  This is analysis and interpretation, so there are multiple ‘right’ answers. 

Grading criteria:  This assignment is worth 100 points.  Essays must be typed and follow MLA format (handout given in first week of class).  Content is key – do you make a clear argument that I can follow (not necessarily one I agree with)?  Do you support your ideas?   Is it between 500-750 words?  Incorporating key concepts from class and your text will garner higher grades.  Due Tuesday, September 21st.


Alternative:  Compare and contrast different director's interpretations of The Joker (Tim Burton & Christopher Nolan).