Review #1

Com 128—Film Appreciation


1.    Read a film review in a major newspaper or film journal or entertainment magazine (Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, Film Comment, etc.).


2.    Write a 1 page review of that review.  This is not a 5 paragraph essay.


3.    Summarize the review in the first half of your paper. 


4.    Evaluate the review in the second half, paying special attention to these questions:

A)    How is the review structured?

B)    Is the review persuasive?  Does it attempt to either get you to see the film or not see it?

C)    Is it more evaluative or descriptive?

D)    What aspects of the film does it evaluate or describe?

E)     What aspects of the film does it ignore?

F)     Finally, what is the overall tone of the review?


    Papers must follow MLA formatting (see MLA handout).


Worth 25 pts. Due:  At the beginning of class—Tuesday, August 25th.  Late papers will earn ½ credit if turned in by next class period.  Papers will not be accepted after that time.