Com 128—Film Appreciation

Top 10 List


Prompt:  Create a top 10 list of your all time favorite films.  Include a rationale for each film.


Discussion of the prompt:  It is assumed that since this is a film appreciation class, you appreciate film (at least on some level).  Think about all of the films you’ve ever seen and rank the top 10 in order.  The first film should be your favorite all time film.  Next to each film title, include a rationale—why is this particular film on your list?  Why is it at this position?  What makes this one of your favorites?  Rationales should be at least 2-3 sentences long.  You shouldn’t have to do research for this assignment, but I do want some thoughtful reflection—that’s why this is being given over the course of a few days rather than being completed in class.   If you need help thinking of films though, use sites like or The American Film Institute’s Top 100 lists at  


Grading criteria:  This is your list—not the list you think I think I want to read.  Your grade not opinion based (i.e. you won’t be downgraded if I disagree with the items on your list).  You will be graded on the quality of support you provide for your opinion and the quality of your writing. Follow MLA format & proof read before printing.  This list will probably change over time.  We will revisit this assignment again by the end of the semester.

Worth 25 points.  Due Thursday, August 27th at the beginning of class.


Reminder:  If you are absent, make sure you email the assignment and that you have received confirmation that I have received the assignment by the beginning of our scheduled class meeting.  Assignments confirmed after class meeting are considered late.