Campus Resources:
You have access to any and everything you need on SIU's website.  This page will contain information related to campus policies and resources that are either specific to this course or that come up in class discussions.  If you have a link to something that will help your classmates, send it my way.  Currently, I will post links in chronological order as issues arise in class.  I will group them later if the list gets too long.

SIUC Students Have A Cheaper Option for Textbooks Information about renting textbooks (which is a cheaper option that purchasing new).  How to print on campus.

Saluki First Year Resources: Information page for first year students at SIU.  Pay attention to the four links at the bottom for student success.

Student Conduct Code In order to create and maintain a campus community that is conducive to learning, research, the advancement of knowledge, and the development of ethical and responsible persons, the university has established a code of conduct to which all students are expected to comply.

FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Protection Act - explains who has access to your personal information and why parents cannot access grades without your consent (even if they are paying the bill).

Information Technology: An important site to get information about cheap student versions of Microsoft Office, a "How to" page for everything from connecting wirelessly to dealing with your SIU email account, etc.

P.A.S.S.: Peer Assisted Study Sessions. Need assistance with a particular course?  Get help from a peer.  Use the "Targeted Courses" tab at the top to see their offerings for this semester.

Saluki Cares: "Saluki Cares is an early alert initiative composed of professionals from different areas of campus life who deal with students on a regular basis: Academic Support, Academic Affairs/Faculty, Enrollment Management, Student Development, New Student Programs, and others.   All concerns remain confidential."

Student Health Services: Information on physical, mental, emotional health services provided by SIUC.  Part of your fees pay for insurance - use these services!  Wellness deals with crisis issues (substance abuse, sexual assault, etc.). 

Morris Library: This is a link to the library's help page.  Use this to get information regarding research, scanning texts (for free), using resources, etc. Here's a short 'how to' for using databases I use when teaching English 101 - references to Unit 4 on this page are for 101, not for 291 or 102.