In-Class Journal Topics


08/27/10: Writing, Reading, Teaching:

How do you describe yourself as a writer?  What are your strengths & weaknesses? What do you like / dislike about writing?
What kind of reader are you?  What are your favorite things to read?  What are your least favorite?
How would past teachers describe your writing & reading abilities?  Are their descriptions and yours the same?  Explain.

08/30/10: Response to "Me Talk Pretty" & "Everything Has a Name":  Briefly summarize each selection (just a few short sentences for each - we've both read the stories).  Which story did you connect to / like more?  Explain why (try to find some details to support why you liked / connected to it more). What were some similarities between the two narratives? What were some differences? Start thinking about your own learning experiences and how you tell others about them. 

09/03/10: Fact vs. Fiction: Think back on your high school experience. Pick one event that you remember clearly. I want you, in one paragraph, to describe it as if you were a reporter documenting the event. (On September 25th, 2006 I finally broke Celebration High School’s all time record for most yards in a single game).

Next, I want you to exaggerate (and/or lie) about what happened as if you were making it into a summer blockbuster (On a crisp autumn night I single handedly broke the world record for most yards in a single game, while simultaneously fending off our planet from an extraterrestrial invasion).

09/15/10: Literacy Narrative Postwrite

09/17/10: Student Center Description

09/22/10: You Are What You Watch: What kinds of movies & TV shows you watch?  What kinds of music do you listen to?  What kinds of videogames do you play? What kinds of websites do you interact with daily?  Based on the lists you produce, what would people assume about you / how would you be stereotyped (think about yourself in terms of demographics)?

09/27/10: Favorite Ads:  Describe your favorite / most memorable ad from childhood?  Why was it so memorable?  Did you get the product?  Was it satisfying or disappointing?  Describe one of your favorite ads on TV today.  Why is it your favorite?   Based on the 15 appeals, which needs are being appealed to in each ad?

10/11/10: Ad Analysis Postwrite

11/03/10: Summary Analysis Postwrite

11/05/10: Pause:  How are you feeling about the semester to date?  Talk about how you are managing all of your coursework as well as life (life and family and work don't stop because you're taking classes, do they?).  How are you feeling about this class, the assignments, the schedules, the materials, the expectations?  What do you feel concerned about as we move toward the end of the semester?  What do you feel more confident about having been here for 10-ish weeks?

11/19/10: Letter to Your'self': Write a letter to who you were at the beginning of the semester. You can focus on where you’re at right now as you deal with the end of the semester & your anticipation of two long breaks back to back.  Talk about what you got out of the semester (not just in this class, but in all classes), and what major challenges and obstacles you have faced making it this far.  You can also talk about issues outside of school that you've had to struggle with or that have brought you hope and happiness.  What regrets do you have and what advice do you wish someone would have given you back at the beginning of the semester? Put yourself into dialogue with yourself, recognizing that both "yous" are different people.  Language and grammar should be informal (use your own voice and language - you'd know you were faking it if you'd read this letter back in August).

12/01/10: Synthesis Postwrite