Mock Essay

This is a student essay which fulfilled the requirements for the Mock Essay assignment.


Alison McAuliffe

Honors English

Ms. Borger


Dance in the World

            Dancing is the best way of exercise. Taking dance should be a requirement for everyone in the world. Everybody should take at least five to ten dance classes in their lifetime. Dance in everyone’s life would be an immense step towards a great future. Dancing would reduce national health care problems, increase athletes’ coordination, and create a more civilized way for political leaders to resolve worldwide issues.

             Worldwide health care problems would significantly drop if everyone were required to take dance lessons. Many people these days have some sort of health issue such as stress, cancer, or heart defects. Dancing is the best way to let stress out. It also relieves inner anger and lets out all your emotions. Doctors from rehabilitation centers in Danceville, NY have started dance programs in their hospitals for the depressed, the sick, and also drug addicts. Dr. Masterson is President of the dance projects at the rehab hospital. She states:

          I have never seen such a quick result from something I didn’t think would work.

          All of the patients are learning that dance does pay off. It seems to be relieving

          their depression and stress. Families are the most concerned though.

          They are asking how we did it and why their kids have less anger. We

          had to explain to them, that all it took was five to ten dance lessons. They were

          absolutely amazed. (58)

Priscilla Noodle, a recent drug addict patient from the Rehab center in Danceville, NY, had some strong opinion on the dance in the world proposal. She told Dance Daily, “I would never have thought that dance lessons would get me out of rehab faster, happier, and even healthier. It is amazing what dance could do to the health care problems in the world” (12). As you can see, many health care problems would be solved if everyone took dance.      

Athletes would also benefit if they were required to take dance. One outcome of this would be they’d have increased coordination. Therefore, the school’s record would improve because the players would have more synchronization. Mark McGuire, former St. Louis Cardinal’s first basemen, is a perfect example. McGuire took ballet before and during his baseball career. In his biography, he states:

          I never thought dancing would have such an impact on my life. Dancing was the

          best thing that ever happened during my baseball years for the Cardinals. I took

          ballet for a few years and can’t believe what it did. People used to make fun of me

          everyday, but what’s so bad about men in tights? (22)

Not only will it increase school records and personal coordination, but will also affect the health of many athletes without using steroids. Steroids are a big factor in today’s sport world, but by the new dance rules, steroids would be a lesser problem. If dance were required, then there would be no need for steroids because dance would increase body tone without the use of steroids. Former Notre Dame football player Nate Buckingham used to take steroids to increase his body tone. His coach realized that most of his players were using steroids so he started a dance program to combat their steroid consumption. He began to see a natural change in his players’ body and made it official that they would begin the next day with dance warm-ups. Nate Buckingham said, “I loved the feeling of my natural state and couldn’t believe that this would have ever happened. Everyone should be required to dance” (7). Many other athletes at Notre Dame began dance and before they knew it all athletes were dancers. As a result, you can see that dance will play an active roll in your sports career especially if it involves getting rid of steroid use.

            Can dance really lead to world peace? Political leaders could have dance off’s instead of wars to solve worldwide issues. Dancing would be a civilized way to solve conflicts between country’s political officers rather than going to war. At worldwide conventions, there would be Dance Dance Revolution competitions to see which country or countries got the power of the decision. Michael Jack Jr. has been a well-known dancer for many years and has spoken his opinion about many dance issues. Jack Jr. believes that:

          Dance would be the best learning experience to decide international issues

          without using war. Many people would also get enjoyment out of the competition

          and would then create less tension between countries. It would be like armies of

          dancers versus armies of soldiers. (48)

 According to a recent worldwide study taken by England’s parliament, “Seventy-nine percent of European leaders agreed with the proposal of using dance as an alternative to using war efforts” (16) In this case, everyone should dance.

            In conclusion, dance for everyone is an awesome idea for the world. It would reduce all health care problems for everyone. It would also increase athletes’ body tone without steroids and improve school records. Lastly, it would help political leaders decide issues without violence. Dancing is the only way all these worldwide factors could be changed around.



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