Othello Scene Re-Interpretations


Students were asked to "modernize" one scene from Shakespeare's Othello.  Below is the "Training Day" version of the scene in which Othello smothers Desdemona.  It was memorably portrayed in a diorama with African-American Barbie and Ken dolls and included a quiet Emica sitting outside as O.J strangled Daeshana.


Brittney Battle, Alessandra Nicholson, Tatiana Sherrill

Ms. Borger

English 2 - 5th hr.


Othello and Desdemona (Murder) (879-880; 33-82)

Murder Scene:

Daeshana: What you be talking about? You talking about killing?

O.J.: Yeah I am.

Daeshana: Lord have mercy on me!

O.J.: Oh, I will with all my heart.

Daeshana: Please, donít be trying to kill me!

O.J.: Hum! Let me think about that

Daeshana: Donít roll your eyes at me!

O.J.: Think about what you did.

Daeshana: How you gonna kill me when all I did was love you?

O.J.: Yeah, and now for that you gon die

Daeshana: Why you gon kill me for loviní you? Why you twitching and biting yoí lip. Are you on somethiní?

O.J.: Shut up and be quiet!

Daeshana: I am so tell me whatís wrong.

O.J.: The gun, the gun my father gave to me before he went to jail, I gave it to you, did you give it to Cassion?

Daeshana: I didnít do that! I swear! Go get Cassion!

O.J.: Why are you lying, youíre about to die and your lying! Girl thatís messed up!

Daeshana: Yeah well I ainít dead yet!

O.J.: Just say what you did, donít deny it.

Daeshana: Lord save me.

O.J.: Can I get a Amen!

Daeshana: I never did anything to you. I was never wit Cassion and I never gave him that gun!

O.J.: I saw my gun in his hands. You know what?!? You ainít nottiní but a Bia! Now Iím gonna kill you.

Daeshana: He mustíve found it. I never gave it to him. Tell him to come here, heíll tell the truth!

O.J.: I heard him confess

Daeshana: Yeah well, If he confessed whatíd he say?

O.J.: He said he used you.

Daeshana: How?

O.J.: He said he was wit you.

Daeshana: He wouldnít say that!

O.J.: He wonít now, heíll never talk again. Iago took care of it.

Daeshana: Is he dead?

O.J.: If he could live forever Iíd kill forever. Thatís how much I hate him!

Daeshana: How could you kill him?

O.J.: Get out hoe! How can you cry for him to my face!

Daeshana: You can do anything just donít kill me!

O.J.: Shut up hoe! You got me all twisted up in this game! This is yoí fault!

Daeshana: Kill me tomorrow, let me live tonight!

O.J.: No!

Daeshana: Just thirty minuets!

O.J.: Iíma kill ya tonight, ainít no stopping me.

Daeshana: One more prayer!

O.J.: Yoí time is up!

[Smothers Her]

Emica: O.J.! O.J.! Whatícha doiní in there?

O.J.: You ainít dead yet! Who you be at my door. Thatís Emica! Dae is dead. What do Emica want? This girl is dead, she dead, she ainít moving! Is she moviní? What should I do? Let her in? But Sheíll want Dea. But Dea be dead!

Emica: I want to talk to you, O. J. let me in!

O.J.: Oh, I forgot about you. Come in!

Emica: You don kilt her! Oh My God!

O.J.: What cha want?

Emica: Eh yoí Cassion doní killed Rayshad!

O.J.: Who? That little white boy Rayshad? Girl please, who cares! Is Cassion dead?

Emica: Naw he ainít dead.

O.J.: What cha mean he ainít dead.

Emica: Who dat making that noise?

O.J.: What noise you hearing?

Emica: Datís Deaís voice! Talk again girl. What he don did to you?

O.J.: Get out nosey heifer!

Deashana: You killed me for no reason, Iím gon die.