Semester Reflection:

I asked students at the end of their first semester in Honors English to write a two page response to the following question:  What have you learned?

Here are a few of their responses.



Dear Santa,


            Thank you for the presents from last year. I enjoyed playing with them all year long. This year I would like a laptop. That way I can type all of my many honors English papers without having to ask my parents to use their computers.

            My honors English teacher, Ms. Borger, is a nice teacher. I think she needs some nice things for Christmas too. Teachers always get candles, gift cards, and useless knickknacks that they end up putting in their attics or trash cans. I would like you to get her something different…

            I think she should get a few presents:

F    An awkward turtle

F    An awkward moose

F    An awkward turkey

F    And have her find her $5


She has done so much for us. She had us read timeless classics such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Animal Farm, and our personal favorite A Separate Peace. We have written a few papers and her advice has made us truly honorable.

I wish there was a book of her life, so that if she made us write a paper on it, we would be able to quote it. She helped us format our quotes to perfection.

The short stories that we read during our irony series has helped all of us realize what irony can bring to a story. I think that ms. Borger’s favorite story is “Sweets to the Sweet” by Robert Bloch. Her favorite part is when Irma bites the head off of a wax doll.

My favorite lesson over a story was when we debated over whether the lady or the Tiger came out in the story “The lady, or the tiger?” by Frank R. Stockton. We got to argue over the non-existent outcome of the story. She got a bit worried because we were arguing each other instead of the point. 

            This Christmas will be the best ever! I can feel it! Thank you for reading this letter for me and Ms. Borger. I am sure she needs all of the awkward animals to keep her company, because her students don’t give her enough joy.


Merry Christmas, and happy New Year!


            -Sarah Lance Y