Annotated Bibliography


Prompt:  Create an annotated bibliography for your research paper.

Discussion of Prompt:  Collect data on the research topic of your choice.  As you think of topics, consider the following:

What do you love?

What are you an expert in?

What would you like to know more about?

  1. Collect 7-10 articles related to your topic.
  2. Read and annotate the articles.
  3. Create a works cited / bibliographic entry based on MLA style.
  4. Following the bibliographic entry, write descriptive and informative summaries.




                                                                                                                                    Tankei 1 

Sachiko Tankei


English 101


                                                         Annotated Bibliography 

Cohen, Russell. “Tanning Trouble:  Teens Are Using Tanning Beds in Record Numbers.” 
         Scholastic Choices 18 (2003): 23-28.
 Tanning Trouble: Teens Are Using Tanning Beds in
         Record Numbers” by Russell Cohen is about the dangers related to increased use of tanning   

         beds.  Cohen warns that tanning beds “can be just as dangerous as the sun’s rays” (23) 
         Tanning salons are not well regulated, so the amount of exposure can be dangerous to teens. 
         Many children ages 12-18 are at risk for skin cancer due to improper use of tanning beds. 
         There has been an increase of teen deaths related to tanning bed over usage, particularly
         around major events like Homecoming and Prom.  One suggestion is to use tanning sprays
         or lotions instead of tanning beds.

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 You may use quotes; not mandatory as you’ll annotate key points / quotes as you read.