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Last Update: 05/02/11, 9:30pm


SPE115: Maude Graham's Speech Classes

Reminder: Though Maudie is out, the syllabus is still the contract by which this course is operating.  Absence policies, grading policies, etc. as outlined in the course syllabus are still valid.


05/19 - Thursday: Final Exam 10:00 - 11:50am

1. Turn in take-home final - handed out in class on Thursday  05/05

2. Make-up speeches:
Remainder of exam time will be for folks who had validated excused absences - according to the course syllabus, there is no make-up for speeches.  This is an added bonus being provided by Borger in the event we can't finish all speeches on Thursday 05/12 & since she was unable to view speeches on 05/10.

05/12 - Thursday
1. Complete Nature of Experience Speeches: Speaking order

2. Preview / prep for final exam

05/10 - Tuesday


05/05 - Thursday

1. Nature of Experience Speeches: Speaking order

2. Receive Take-Home Final Prompts

05/03 - Tuesday

1. First round Nature of Experience Speeches: Speaking order

2. Review specific outline requirements


04/28 - Thursday

1. Complete Single-Point-Informative Speeches: Speaking order

2. Sign up for Nature of Experience Speeches (NOE)

3. Turn in NOE outlines for review: first come = first to sign up for speaking order

4. Send outlines via email to borger@siu.edu if you cannot / did not get it in today

04/26 - Tuesday

1. First round of Single-Point-Informative Speeches: Speaking order

2. Discuss Nature of Experience Speeches

3. Bring outlines for Nature of Experience Speeches on Thursday 04/28/11

04/21 - Thursday

1. Review - Who is the stranger at the front of the class?  What are we doing again?

2. Attendance & review of attendance policy according to the syllabus.

3. Preview link on webpage (what you're reading now) and invite students to email list for future class information: borger@siu.edu

4. Go over outlines for Single Point Informative speeches - teach the teacher the components of the outlines.

5. Sign up for speeches: no late speeches accepted - be prepared the day you are scheduled to give your speech.  You cannot turn in your speech late to a mailbox. Email Borger if you were absent and want to pick a specific slot for Thursday 04/28.

6. Eye-contact / introductory activity: Audience members raise their hands.  A student stands and speaks to the class (introducing her/himself to Borger).  Must make eye-contact with every student in class.  When eye-contact has occurred, audience member puts her/his hand down.  Tell Borger something about yourself so she can begin learning your names. Double-up if you haven't finished talking: once hands are down, make eye-contact with everyone again, making them raise their hands the 2nd time.

04/19 - Tuesday

1. Meet & Greet - Call me Borger (Bore-Grrrrr).  Nice to meet you! I have two bachelor's degrees (one in English, one in Education), a Master's in Speech Communication, and am currently working on my Master's in English at SIU.  I am not some random, unqualified stranger off the street ;).  I have taught English and Speech courses at SIU and JALC, Speech and Film at SIC (in Harrisburg), and have taught English at area high schools from 2001-2009.  Nice to meet'cha. Here is more information if you are interested: Borger Bio Page.

2. Turn in Outlines for Single Point Informative Speeches (16 received)

3. Teach the new teacher about the assignments

Single point informative speech: Compose and deliver a 4-6 minute speech around a belief or attitude on something you already know about (no research required - no in-text citations necessary).

Belief: What you accept as truth: i.e. Asparagus is green
Attitude: Belief with a judgment or evaluation attached: i.e. Asparagus is delicious
Value: Clusters of attitudes which require action: i.e. One should serve asparagus often with dinner

Nature of experience speech: Compose and deliver a 4-6 minute speech around a significant experience you had in your life.  Your main points are not the story itself but the impact the event had on your life.  3-5 main points are what you learned - the story is not the body of the speech, but the introductory information that moves us toward learning its lasting impact.

List of Taboo Topics:
Legalization of drugs
Global warming
(Borger additions: Sex, Uber-personal familial issues)

4. Review the rubrics (how are speeches graded?)

5. Audience: Keep in mind your audience is your peers in this class.  Consider their knowledge and experiences. Consider self-disclosure, consider attitudes, consider what they know about your subject (i.e. you may be an expert, but they may not - anticipate gaps in their knowledge)

6. We will try to make the best of our situation.  While I want to foster an environment of collaboration and low-stress / low-risk, I will also maintain high standards and make sure the grades you receive fulfill the requirements and standards set forth by John A. Logan College's expectations for every SPE115 course.

7. Tried to get volunteers to start speeches on Thursday 04/21.  2 people volunteered.  Students wanted me to review outlines a second time.  We will schedule 1st speeches on Thursday.