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English 101
  E138, John A. Logan College
Wednesday Nights
6:00 pm - 8:50 pm

This calendar is set up in reverse chronological order.
The most current class period is displayed first.


FINAL: DECEMBER 16th, 6-8pm





December 16th:

In-class exam responding to and evaluating all of your work from the semester. 

Bring all of your work to date - final papers and drafting materials.


December 9th:

Final research paper due (with all drafted materials)

Mock Essay rewrites due

Highlight rewrites

Prep for final exam

Technology Survey

Student Evaluations


December 2nd:

Draft of research paper due (2 copies - one with & one without name)

Peer editing & conferencing

Turn in opposite assignment from last class (annotated bib. OR outline)


November 18th:

Journal: Past few weeks & visions of the future

Sentence outlines & annotated bibliographies due (50 pts each)

Evaluating Web Pages: UC Berkeley

Draft research essay - due December 2nd (2 copies - one with name / one without for peer review)

Research essay final due December 9th (include all drafted materials with final)

Read and analyze model research paper (chapter 22 in text)

Essays back & conferencing for research & rewrites

Mock Essay Rewrites due December 9th


November 4th:

Short stories & in-class essay exam - how to write a solid essay in an hour

Discuss and prep: organizational strategies, review stories, review notes on irony

Write in-class essay 1+ hour (attach rubric)

Mini-make up for absentees from last week (you know who you are!)

Homework: Annotated bibliographies & sentence outlines due 11/18 - must email if you are absent



October 28th:


Library Field Trip -  6:00pm  Head to the library for research lesson: Bring list of potential topics for research paper to use

7:00- 8:00pm conduct research: Steps in the research process

8:00 - 8:50 pm - back to the regular classroom to debrief

Homework: Annotated Bibliography  (due 11/13) & read chapter 22 in text: pages 423-445


October 21st:

Mock Essays Due.  100 pts. Staple order: rubric, final copy (with works cited), drafts

Rewrites of educational reflections due next week: MUST HAVE ORIGINAL W/ TEACHER COMMENTARY TO BE ACCEPTED

Samples of Educational Reflections which got "A's": Elly & Kortney

Journal: Dinner - who & why or movie - which one & why

Literary Analysis: Irony in short stories

Read Short Stories: "Sweets to the Sweet," "Just Lather, That's All," & "Tomorrow & Tomorrow & Tomorrow"

Annotate stories

List of topics for research


October 14th:

Turn in summary of "How to Make it in College"

Receive Educational Reflections back - Rewrites due October 28th.  Must have original w/ teacher commentary to be re-graded.

Peer Review / Revision Sheet

Turn in copy of mock essay drafts.  Bring electronic copies or print two - one with your name and one without. 
Without name is for peer review.  With is for Borger review.

Peer Review for Mock Essay

Works cited pages

Conferences & revising

Revise and complete final Mock Essay.
A works cited page must be attached to be accepted for credit.
Must include all drafts to be accepted for credit.


October 7th:

Journal - Freewrite: stream of consciousness, rant & rave, moan & gripe, etc.

Receive Mock Essay body paragraph drafts

Discuss revision techniques

Look at student model - this is the example we looked at in class.  Follow the sample re: usage of quotes for support.

Remember to use models as templates for your own writing (see Mock Essay assignment link on 9/23)

One-on-one conferencing

Homework: Revisions with introductions / conclusions due next class period. Bring electronic copy.  Will print one copy with your name for Borger and another copy with no name.  Make sure essays have titles.

Read essay: "How to Make it in College, Now That You're Here" page 734 of text.  Write summary (1/2 page, descriptive & informative together as one paragraph).


September 30th:  Thanks again for another grueling night of drafting work!

Journal Writing:

7:00  - Ideal Job

Formatting Quotes

Check ideas / maps / outlines

Group work: Idea Bouncing

Draft body paragraphs - due at the end of class

Incorporate quotes (minimum of one quote per body paragraph)


September 23rd:

Journal Writing:

6:00 - Dream Job *nixed - save for another class*

Summary check "A Modest Proposal"

Discuss Swift's argument

Mock Essay

Discuss sample essays: South Park & Chickens

Brainstorm Mock Essay ideas. Use popular satire for ideas.  The Onion: http://www.theonion.com/content/index


Due next week: an outline / map of main ideas and quotes from "credible" sources
for your particular Mock Essay topic.  Might bring in multiple ideas for safety.
Be prepared for intense drafting night in class.

Read the following sections in your text

52-63 "Step 1: Begin with a Point, or Thesis" & "Step 2: Supporting the Thesis"

350-352 "Strategies for Argument"

432-435 "Documentation of Sources"

possible quiz next week

Peruse this section for your own improvement:

25-44 "Prewriting"


September 16th Thank you  for a night of very hard work gals & guys!

Turn in drafted paragraphs (summary of article followed by opinion / response X3)

Journal Writing:

6:00 - Film

Mug Shots (Oh Yeah!)

Introductions & Conclusions


Add introduction

Sew paragraphs together

Add conclusion:
Summary:  Summarize the main ideas of your paper
Exigency:  The "Jerry Springer Final Thought"

Print a copy & staple & turn in to Borger

Peer Review: (if there is time)


Read, annotate, and write summary on Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal"

September 9th:

Journal Writing: due at the end of class

6:00 - Best & Worst Educational Experiences

MUG SHOTS! (skipped, AGAIN!)

SENSE Survey (40 minutes)

Turn in summaries and annotated articles

View 20/20 video's

Take notes & write summaries on videos


Draft reflective essay: problems in education; save so you can re-edit; print & turn in @ beginning of next class (50 pts)


September 2nd:

Journal writing: due at the end of class tonight

6:00 - thoughts on the week

Turn in annotated articles for points

Turn in letters of introduction for points

Complete Summary writing notes

Write summaries for articles

Group work: compare summaries, collaborate, and "Frankenstein" one summary set per group
"Will Johnny Get A's"

Compare and discuss group work


Read, annotate "Who's Ready for College" and "Why Do Students Cheat?"

Write summaries over all articles: descriptive and informative (see student samples of summaries)

Bring all articles and summaries to class and be prepared to write on them next Wednesday

Find out which students are good liars and dole out extra-credit


August 26th:

Syllabus & class procedures

Set up and confirm student email

Journal writing - 3 per class session

Non-fiction: Summary writing


Read & annotate two articles: "Will Johnny Get A's?" & "Difficult Transition"

Letters of introduction Due on September 2nd



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