Literary Analysis
In-Class Essay
Irony in Short Stories

Prompt:  Write a complete essay examining the use of irony in short stories.

Discussion of the prompt:  Follow the outline below and write a well-developed essay on the ways authors use the different forms of irony in their short stories.  Use examples, quotes, and paraphrases from the stories for support.

Multiple-story: Examine one form of irony as it is used across multiple stories.  Each body paragraph will be an examination of the same form of irony in different stories.  In this format, the definition of the single type of irony must be present in the introductionThe burden of proof lies in showing how that form of irony works in each story.  Situational irony is most commonly examined for this essay.

Single-story: Examine multiple forms of irony as they are used in a single story.  Each body paragraph will be an examination of a different irony in the same story.  In this format, the summary of the story must be present in the introduction.  The burden of proof lies in showing how each form of irony works within the story.


Grading Criteria:

This assignment is worth 100 pts.

Follow MLA format

An in-class essay should be completed in one class period.

Jot down a quick outline in the margins of this sheet or at the top of your essay. 

Budget your time. 

Keep introduction short, sweet and simple. 

You dont have a lot of time to be super-wordy. 

When you quote, remember to follow our citation format: Tag + Quote + Cite (Bloch 6). + Explanation

Intro and conclusion can both be just a few sentences.

Double-space (put tiny xs or dots down the margin to remind yourself to skip a line.)

Only write on one side of the page.

Dont worry about neatness & spelling (although I should be able to read it).

Include rubric when you turn essays in.

No talking until all tests are complete.