English 102- Composition II

Section 071
T/TH 2:00-3:15
Faner 1226


ALL work should be handed in following MLA guidelines.
In-class work must be in blue/black ink.
Major assignments must be typed & printed.

Last Update: 09 April, 2012 8:45 pm

January Calendar








Common syllabus

Borger addendum/abbreviated syllabus

Homework:  send Borger an email from the address you check most frequently (borger@siu.edu).  Follow the email expectations described in class & put "English 102" and your section number in the subject line.  In the body of the email, tell Borger what your major is (might be) and where you are from.

Homework: Reconstructing 101

Homework: Perception Reflection (worth double homework points)

18 19
Due: send Borger an email from the address you use most.  This is your first homework assignment and is worth homework points.

Extra-credit assignment will be sent to you via email by today's class.  If you have not emailed me by the time I reply, you will not be eligible for full extra-credit.

Due: Reconstructing 101
(if you do not have the assignment, submit it on Tuesday with a late memo - late assignments will earn 1/2 credit and will not be accepted past Tuesday 01/24) (homework points)

Flashcard photos & student info cards

Perception Activity (homework points)


("In-class" and "due" and "activity" are terms that refer to assignments that have homework credit attached to them.  Homework constitutes 20% - or 200 total points - of your semester grade.  Failure to complete assignments / activities = zero for those assignments in the gradebook.  Ergo, the email I asked you to send was worth homework points.  The reading responses on the calendar for next week are worth homework points.   The "reconstructing 101" and the "perception reflection" are worth points.  Basically, if we do it in class, it is worth points.  Assume you're getting graded on everything.)
Due: Perception Reflection (if you do not have the assignment, submit it on Thursday with a late memo - late assignments will earn 1/2 credit and will not be accepted past Thursday 01/26) (double-homework points)

In-class activity: Reconstructing 101

Homework: Send Borger an email (subject: How I Write) and describe your writing process (how do you write a paper, where and how do you start, do you procrastinate, do you make multiple drafts, do you outline, etc.?) OR describe your strengths and weaknesses in writing (what do you do well, what do you struggle with, etc.?) Email by Thursday's class meeting.



25 26
In-Class: response & discussion regarding past educational experiences

Homework: Readings from Aims of Argument: Intro to Chapter 15 (707-709); "Collegiate Life: An Obituary" by Arthur Levine and Jeanette S. Cureton (710-718); "The Decline of the Knowledge Factory: Why Our Colleges Must Change" by John Tagg (746-754); and "On the Uses of Liberal Education: As Lite Entertainment for Bored College Students" by Mark Edmundson (721-730)

Homework: Short summary write a  paragraph on 2 of the 3 readings (with 1-2 significant quotes from each selection).

Handout: "What is Literacy?" by James Gee (also on Blackboard)

Extra-credit assignment
due: Scavenger hunt to find Borger's office - sign your name on the sheet outside her office.  Use this website, email, or your syllabus to find her office # in Faner.

Last day to drop a course to be eligible
for a credit/refund; last day to change credit/audit status. Last day to withdraw from the University with a full refund

February Calendar

30 31
Due: readings from Aims of Argument: "Collegiate Life," "Knowledge Factory," & "Lite Entertainment" (be prepared to respond to the readings in class in writing and discussion)

Homework: "On the Uses of Liberal Education: As a Weapon in the Hands of the Restless and Poor" by Earl Shorris (733-743); Gee's "What is Literacy?" from Blackboard (& handed out in class on Thursday); "Unequal Opportunity: Race and Education" by Linda Darling-Hammond (779-785)

Homework: Short summary write a  paragraph on 2 of the 3 readings (with 1-2 significant quotes from each selection).


1 2
Due: readings from Aims of Argument: "Weapon for the Restless and Poor," "What is Literacy?" and "Race and Education" (be prepared to respond to the readings in class in writing and discussion)

Homework: Draft of essay 1 due on Tuesday 02/07 (partial draft is totally acceptable - intro and a few paragraphs - doesn't have to be complete)

Homework: Read Chancellor Cheng's letter to students & two responses to her letter from students in the Daily Egyptian / DE ("Condescending" and "Keep Emails Coming"). Write a short response and discuss elements of effectiveness across all three documents (what works and what doesn't work).  Keep your opinion of Polar Bear / administrative - parenting / etc. out of your response.  Try to see what works and what doesn't work in each document without being blinded by your own biases.


6 7
Due: Draft of Essay 1: Define Education

Due: Response to Cheng's letter and student responses

Activity: Speed Dating (aka Speed Idea-Sharing)


8 9

In-Class: Reflection on Essay 1

Handout / Homework: Read "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift

"A Modest Proposal" (Google books)

"A Modest Proposal" (artbin.com)

Write a short response: 1. summarize Swift's main argument and his support 2. respond to his argument.  Summarize first to demonstrate you understand what he's saying then engage in dialogue with it.  Start with the facts before your feelings / opinions / analysis.

13 14
Due: response to Swift's "Modest Proposal" & discussion

In-Class: Zobmondo Questions

Homework: Read Chapter 1 in Everything Is an Argument (1-21)

Skim Chapters 2, 3, & 4 (Pathos, Ethos, Logos) in Everything Is an Argument (EIA)


15 16
Last day Essay 1 will be accepted for credit. 5% off each day (not each class period) it is late as per the syllabus.

Revising Essay 1

Discuss: EIA readings

Homework: Read Chapter 12 "Proposals" in EIA

Homework: 3 - 5 ideas for Essay 2 due on Monday (be ready to hand ideas in on paper - what's the problem you want to examine & what's your absurd solution?)

The Onion: Mock news source discussed in class



20 21
Discuss chapter 12 in EIA

Homework: 3 - 5 ideas for Essay 2 due (be ready to hand in on paper - what's the problem you want to examine & what's your absurd solution?)

Activity: Speed Dating (aka Speed Idea-Sharing)

Handout: Essay 2

Homework: Email Borger stating the problem you want to tackle for your Mock Essay and what a few of your solutions might be.  Email her by 6 pm on Wed.

22 23
Activity: Read & evaluate another Mock Essay / Modest Proposal

Conferences: Conferences are mandatory for Essay 2.  You will not earn full credit on Essay 2 without conferencing with Borger.  Conferences will be held next week.  Unless otherwise noted, conferences will be in Borger's office: Faner 2265.  She might even have treats!


March Calendar


Due: Draft of Mock Essay

Extra-Credit Due (you can send it via email - email is best or hardcopy to my office or mailbox in Faner 2380 by 4 pm) Response to Tunnel of Oppression or Spoken Word Poetry Competition last week


Discuss types of quotes

Discuss sample essays from last Thursday - how did you grade them & why?

Create a rubric for Essay 2

Homework: Bring Draft of Essay 2 to class for review on Tuesday: mandatory for complete credit on Essay 2.

Reminder: Rewrite of Essay 1 due on Tuesday


Some sort of non-traditional peer review activity that won't make you puke

Due: Rewrites of Essay 1 (must have original graded Essay 1.  Revision is a new draft - an educational philosophy of your own rather than a standard regurgitated revision where you go through and just spell check.) If you failed to complete an essay for Unit 1, you can complete a rewrite for partial credit.


7 8
Research, annotated bibliographies, monster papers, libraries, and much, much more.

Due: Essay 2

Post-write: to be completed in class



Last day to drop a course Sunday 03/18

19 20
Welcome back!  Now get to work!

Essay 3: Annotated Bibliography & Literature Review

Homework: Read two articles from Aims of Argument and write annotated bibliography entries for both of them - due Thursday 03/22.  You cannot use articles we have already read on Education earlier this semester - must be from a different section of the text (but both must be from the same section; don't do one from 9/11 and one from Feminism chapters - both from 9/11 or both from Feminism).

Send Borger an email stating a few tentative topics you plan to conduct research on for Units 3 & 4. 

21 22
Research / Computer Lab

Faner 1032

Annotated Bibliography Entries from Aims of Argument (if you do not have your homework, submit it by 03/27 for 1/2 credit)

1-2 entries should be complete

Morris Library Guide: Research with the Web

Morris Library Guide: Scholarly Journals and Research Studies

Using Databases: Refresher from your "How to Use the Databases" intro to the Library from last semester

Purdue OWL: Annotated Bibliographies


26 27
Research / Computer Lab

Faner 1028

Due: Annotated Bibliography Entries from Aims of Argument

3-4 entries should be complete

28 29
Annotated Bib Sample & sentence

Q & A about Unit 3 - productive discussion about citations, research, annotated bibliographies, how Unit 3 flows into Unit 4.  Good talk!

6-8 entries should be complete

Citation Resources: Use the links on this page to format your works cited page - bookmark the one that works best for you.  You will need a reference for the rest of college.




2 3
4-6 annotated bib entries on your topic of study

10-12 entries should be complete

Sample Annotated Bibs from last semester


4 5
Discuss Literature Review format and outline

Mini-Literature Review Paragraph: We will use the annotated bib entries from Aims of Argument you submitted either last Tues. 03/27.

Candy-synthesis activity

Working on Literature Review


9 10
Literature review outlining

Final thoughts on citations

Post-write questions for Unit 3: submit post-write with final product

Samples (again - with addition from our class this semester)

Sample Literature Review: This is from last semester.  This is a draft, so there are still some minor errors in it (but it's still pretty solid).
*Double-Extra Credit for submitting Essay 3 (Annotated Bib AND Literature Review) today*

Discuss Essay 4: Argumentative Research

Mini-Conference: 1/2 of the class will share what it's doing research on.  The other 1/2 will share on Tuesday 04/17.


16 17
Essay 3 You must submit both portions for credit - the annotated bib AND the literature review AND the post-write

Mini-Conference: The remaining 1/2 of the class will share what it's doing research on.

SIU's Research Town Meeting
18 19
Discuss Unit 4, revisions for Unit 3, sign up for mandatory conferences for Unit 4, discuss additional criteria for Unit 4

Discuss using images / graphs / charts: in-text and as appendix
Conference day - no regular class meeting.  Attendance earned by coming to conference.  Missing conferences = no points for conference (double homework points)

May Calendar

30 1 2 3
Unit 4 Due: Will be accepted for a late grade until Friday 05/04/12. WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR ANY REASON BEYOND Friday 05/04/12.  It is better to submit incomplete work than no work at all.

Late Unit 4 will be accepted in my mailbox (Faner 2380) or my office (Faner 2265 - if it is open) until 4:30 pm.  After 4:30, the grade for Unit 4 converts to a zero (Unit 4 is worth 20% of your semester grade).

7 8
Common Final Exam for English 101 & 102: 10:10 am 12:10 pm (Wham 303).

If you have an "A" in the course after Unit 4 grades are entered, you are exempt from taking the final exam. Unit 4 will not be accepted beyond Friday 05/04/12 to give me enough time to calculate grades and post them in Blackboard.

9 10 11