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Prompt: Write an essay arguing for your particular definition of “education.”

Discussion of the Prompt: You have read a number of articles which discuss education, the problems with college education, the strengths / weaknesses of a liberal arts education, etc.  Write an essay defining education as you see it.  What is education?  What are the goals, purposes, moral obligations, etc. of an education?  What are students’, teachers’, society’s responsibilities in relation to education?  What should education do? How should education “be done?”  What should you do with your education?  How does education occur?  What does it look like?  You can think of “education” in its broadest terms (from birth to death) or in the most institutionalized terms (K-12, four-year college, etc.).

Submission Guidelines: Worth 10% (100 pts)

1400-2100 words (4-6 pages)
Double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font
MLA format
Draft due Tues 02/07/12 (can be a partial draft - intro and a few body paragraphs)
Final due Thurs 02/09/12 It is better to submit an incomplete copy vs. nothing at all