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Unit 1: Definition of Education Rewrite

Using your original text from Unit 1, reshape your definition into an educational 500-750 word educational philosophy.  What do you believe education should be / should accomplish?  What does education mean to you?  You can consider your Unit 1 essay as a pre-writing activity for your draft (rather than try to take text directly from the essay to shape it into a philosophy).  You can view my teaching philosophy, but recognize mine is from the position of teacher (and this text is much longer than I expect yours to be).

bulletUse first person (saying "I" is totally appropriate)
bulletMake yourself central to the philosophy
bulletExternal quotes are not necessary (although they can be a good starting point)
bulletFeel free to change the focus from the original document - change and evolution are good in the writing process
bulletSubmit with your original Unit 1 essay (if you failed to turn in a Unit 1, include an absence memo with the Philosophy; highest grade possible to replace a "0" is a C)
bulletWhen you submit for a revised grade, include a short additional response reflecting on the following (like the self-reflections we write when we turn units in):
  1. How is your philosophy different from your original definition?
  2. Which text do you like better?  Why?
  3. Which text was "easier" to create?  Why?