Mock Essay

Prompt: Compose a 1400 - 2100 word analytical essay on an invented or made-up topic of your choice.

Discussion of the prompt: Invent a fictitious or imaginary topic or premise and write an argumentative essay about it incorporating the different forms of quotes discussed in class.  While your “facts” may be made up, you are still required to follow the form of an analytical essay—you are writing an essay, not a short story (see the attached example).  You are limited only by the restraints of your own imagination; however, you must make a claim about and support the topic you have chosen.  You cannot simply state, “In this essay I am going to discuss __________.”  See the example below.

Sample Thesis & Essays:

The makers of the popular M&M candies must reconsider their use of the green and red M&M’s since a portion of the population remains color blind and are being deprived of a satisfactory chocolate experience.

In supporting the above thesis, I could use the fact that sight affects one’s taste (which it actually does, by the way).  Next I could cite federal laws which prohibit discrimination against people who are handicapped and so forth.  In other words, I would use reason to support an otherwise absurd premise.  This paper does not require any “real” outside sources; however, you will be required to write a works cited page for your imaginary citations.

Sample Essays:

Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal"

Vegetarians Can Have Their Chickens and Eat Them Too

Why High School Students Should Watch Their South Park and Learn

Grading Criteria: 

Conference, peer review draft and final are all necessary for complete assessment.

MLA format using multiple examples of paraphrasing, direct quotes and at least one but no more than two block quotes.

MLA formatted works cited page - if you quote it in the paper, include it on the works cited page.  Be creative.

Draft due ______________________

Final due ______________________