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English 102: Reconstruct what you learned in English 101 

We are collectively going to review some of the basics from 101 to ensure we are all on the same page-ish.  Create a list of the 7-10 most important issues you remember from English 101.  Take 3-5 of those and explain them in detail to an incoming English 101 student preview it for someone who has never seen / heard of the concept before.    This can include giving an example, demonstrating the technique, describing, using a metaphor to explain, using a short narrative from your experience to explain, etc.  Be honest and feel free to think outside the box - don't tell me what you think I want to hear.  Write a short paragraph per issue.  Talk about what actually works / what actually helped you.  If it's been awhile since you took English 101, choose techniques / issues applicable to good writing.  As a minor assignment, this can be typed or handwritten in blue/black ink on spiral free note-book paper.  Be prepared to turn this in at the beginning of the hour on Thursday 01/19/12.