Brown Bag Introductory Speech

Prompt:  Using 3 personal items, give a 1˝ -3 minute speech introducing yourself to the class.

Discussion of the prompt:  Bring 3 items to class preferably in a bag or container of some sort (hence, the “brown bag” part of the assignment).  Just like with show and tell from grade school, show each item to the class, tell a little about it, and tell why it is important to you.  You should rehearse using your props.  Prepare a short introduction, talk about each item separately, and end with a short conclusion.

Sample Outline:

bulletIntroduction:  Preview
bulletBody: Be organized and clear
bulletConclusion:  Summarize and end with a final thought

Intro:  “Konichiwa! My name is Sachiko Tankei and I am going to tell you a little about myself today.”

Partial Body: “My first item is the ribbon I used during my gymnastics routine.  This is important to me because I tired out for the Olympics.  Here’s a small demonstration of how I used the ribbon in the routine….”

Conclusion:  “Again, I am Sachiko Tankei and I showed you my gymnastics ribbon, the DVD of my performance Japerican, and CatBus from my favorite movie Totoro.  If anyone reads Anime and wants a translation from Japanese to English, feel free to ask me!”

Grading Criteria:  

You will be graded on the following:

bulletEye contact & Volume
bulletHaving 3 distinct and unique items (last minute contents from your car do not count)
bulletOrganization: clear intro and conclusion and staying on topic
bulletTime (+ / - 30 seconds on time)
bulletAudience participation (your behavior during others’ presentations will be reflected in your presentation grade.  Grossly rude behavior will warrant a 50% reduction in your own presentation grade.)

This assignment is worth a total of 50 points.

(Pay close attention as your peers speak; there may be a pop-quiz over presentations later in the week)