Perception essay

Prompt:  Write a 500-750 word essay about misperception.

Discussion of the prompt:  We all struggle with perceptions daily.  There have been times when others have stereotyped us based only on the clothes we wore or the way we talked.  There have been situations when we have stereotyped or misperceived others for the same reasons.  Write a narrative essay describing one of those situations. 

In effect, you’re telling me a story of a time you were stereotyped by someone or a time you stereotyped someone else.  In writing your essay, consider the following questions:

On being misperceived

On misperceiving

What was the person’s initial perception of you?

What was your initial perception of that person?

What caused that perception?

What caused that perception?

How did their perception of you change over time?

How did your perception of that person change over time?

How did their perception affect your relationship?

How did your perception affect your relationship?

Why did being misperceived matter?

Why did misperceiving that person matter?



·         Begin with an attention getter (quote, novelty, humor, question, etc.).

·         Summarize the issue you are examining

·         Funnel to a specific thesis statement that directly discusses the prompt above


·         Paragraphs should have opening topic sentences

·         Provide a description of the main point the paragraph is examining

·         Provide specific examples / details for support

·         Transition into the next paragraph


·         Summarize your main points but do not regurgitate your introduction.  Your conclusion should be a reflection of what can be learned from reading your paper—not a preview.

·         End with an exigency (answer the “so what?” question).  Think of the exigency as the “Jerry Springer Final Thought.”

Submission Guidelines:  Papers must meet all of the criteria below to be accepted for assessment:


Double spaced


Follow MLA format (your name, my name, class, and today’s date in upper left corner—only write on one side of the page).


Staple your paper to the top of this assignment sheet and turn in at the end of the hour.