Main Characters in Medea



·        Princes of Colchus

·        Barbarian—“other,” non-Greek, minority (suffers from prejudice)

·        Sorceress—uses magic (Murders Pelias in boiling pot)

·        Exiled from home for killing brother and going against father (Aeetes) to help Jason

·        Exiled from Iolcus (Jason’s home) for murdering Pelias

·        Exiled from Corinth by Creon

·        Hyper-passionate, Rage.  Very emotional (not moderate)



·        Prince of Iolcus

·        Hero of Golden Fleece

·        Leader of Argonauts

·        Exiled from Iolcus by the people for Medea’s actions

·        Fathers two children with Medea

·        Marries Glauce (princess of Corinth) in order to take over the throne when Creon dies

·        Smug and proud—takes credit for Golden Fleece and does not give Medea her due



·        King of Corinth

·        Father of Glauce (princess)

·        Has no sons—needs an heir to the throne

·        Wants Jason to be his son-in-law—Jason is hero and would be good king when Creon dies

·        Exiles Medea and her children



·        Cares for Medea’s children

·        Serves as mini-chorus: “Commentator” of Medea’s behavior and actions

·        Serves as narrator: provides background information about Medea and Jason’s relationship, Medea’s sacrifices, etc.

·        Slave who doesn’t have much power



·        Instructs children

·        Also serves as mini-chorus: “Commentator” of Medea’s behavior but has alternative perspective from Nurse

·        Also a slave with little power



·        Women of Corinth

·        Shows concern for Medea and her situation

·        Appears semi-compassionate about her plight

·        Promises to “keep quiet” about Medea’s motives and plans