The Odyssey
Creative Projects

Option One: Research 

Your Task: To research the character you’ve been given in order to better understand the key players in the Odyssey.

What to Do: First, search the Internet to find relevant information about your character. Do not stop searching until you are able to answer the following questions:

  1. What role did your character play in the Odyssey?
  2. What role did your character play in Greek Civilization?
  3. What was your character’s relationship to Odysseus?
  4. What was your character known for?
  5. Can you give a physical description of your character?
  6. Do you have enough detail in order to speak intelligently about your character?
  7. Could you draw a picture of this character?
  8. Did this character have family?
  9. What are this character’s strengths/weaknesses?
  10. What type of personality did this character have?
  11. Can you classify this character as hero, monster, God, or other (if you choose other be sure to specify what you would label the character)?

What To Do With This Information:  Write a 500-750 word  essay in which you discuss the above questions.  In addition to this essay you will need to attach a drawing of your character (no copied and printed photos from the computer please). The drawing can be in color or black and white.


 Option Two: New ending / new episode

A.  Rewrite the ending of the Odyssey. You have free creative reign. There are no restrictions on what type of ending you create (as long as the subject matter is school appropriate).

B. Create an additional episode for the Odyssey. In other words, create a new leg of Odysseus’ journey or an additional scene to add to his experiences upon his return to Ithaca.  Again, you have free creative reign (as long as you keep the subject matter school appropriate).

For this option, you are required to write a minimum of 500 words for each episode

IN ADDITION to the writing, you are to create an illustration to go along with the new scene you have created. This illustration can be your own drawing, or you may use other resources (magazines, computer art, etc.) to assist in your creation.  This illustration is REQUIRED. I will not accept your writing without an illustration. The illustration should speak to the scene you’ve written.