[Othello Reading Guide] [January Calendar]

Jealousy Case Study: Read through the situation below.  Answer the following questions using complete sentences.  Sloppy work will only earn ˝ credit.  Justify your answers (explain why you respond the way you do). 


George and Scott enter a public place where George is to meet his girlfriend, Denise. As they enter, she is laughing and talking with Marcus. Scott begins to call attention to them; he suggests that Marcus might be trying to take Denise away from George.  George loves and trusts his girlfriend.  Although he and Marcus have been good friends, they have recently had a fight in which Marcus betrayed George’s trust.


1.    How do you think George should respond to the situation?

2.    How do you think Scott should respond to the situation?

3.    How do you think Marcus should respond to the situation?

4.    How do you think Denise should respond to the situation?





Is there even a situation here that needs to be responded to?  If so, explain what the situation is.  If not, explain why there should be no conflict between the characters above.