Othello Life Drama

1.      The main character, Denise, has decided to marry someone from a race and/or religion that her father wonít approve. She knows there is going to be a big scene. Describe the scene and write the dialogue that could occur between Denise, her father, and her husband-to-be.

2.       There is a party. The main character, Michael (a generally good guy!), knows that he shouldnít drink because he has to go to work in an hour. The Group heís with tries to convince him that ďa drink or two wonít hurt.Ē Michael goes to work and because heís been drinking he starts a fight with a fellow employee. The boss enters. Describe the scene and write the dialogue that could occur between Michael, his boss, and his co-workers.

3.       The main character, Joe, has given his girlfriend a special ring (one that means a lot to him. He sees his best friend wearing it. Describe the scene and write the dialogue that could occur between Joe and his girlfriend or between Joe and his best friend (You can change this around to make the main character a girl).

4.       The main character, Nick, has had a bad fight with his best friend, Tony. Tony wonít return any of Nickís phone calls and avoids him at school. Nick sees his best friendís girlfriend, Jean, at school. Describe the scene and write dialogue where Nick asks Jean for her help.

5.       Rob has worked hard to play on Varsity. He knows heís good! Heís shown up for all the games and practices. The position that he wants goes to Bill, whose father is a friend of the coach. Describe the scene and write the dialogue where Rob tells his friends how he feels.

6.       Anna and her boyfriend arenít doing well together but she is still really in love with him. She finds an 
inexpensive ring that a friend of hers has lost. She knows itís a ring that her boyfriend has always admired and said that he would like to own one like it. Describe the scene and write the story (or monologue/ dialogue) were Anna makes her decision about what she is going to do with the ring.

You and your group are going to write a short play based on the previous situation that has been assigned. You have been given characters and the beginnings of a plot. In this play you are to create a drama of the situation through description and dialogue.

Title of Play:____________________________________________

List of characters and a short description of each:

Character 1

Character 2

Character 3

Character 4

Stage directions: (Where is it set? What does the stage look like? What props are there? Who is on stage when the curtain rises? What are they going?)

For example:

Stage Direction: Joe looks nervous as he walks into science class.  Class has not yet begun. There are only a few students in the room. Mrs. Green, the biology teacher has not yet arrived.

Joe: Did any one see Bill at lunch today?

Ted: No, why? Something wrong?

Joe: (shaking his hear) ea! Big problemsÖ