Othello Scene Interpretation

Choose one of the following scenes to translate using modern-day language.  You must give a line-by-line interpretation of the original text.  Give the scene a “theme” of its own: country / western, Jerry Springer, Cops, romantic comedy, science fiction, horror, soap opera, etc.

    1. Roderigo, Iago, Brabantio (788-790; 67-119).
    2. Iago & Cassio (trying to get him to drink) (818; 12-50).
    3. Othello & Iago (O. angry @ I.) (840-44). Cut a section.
    4. Cassio & Iago (Bianca / Handkercheif) (856; 101-35).
    5. Desdemona & Emilia “Man Talk”) (870;59-83).
    6. Othello & Desdemona (Murder) (879-880;33-82)

Once translated and thematized, you may choose from one of the following creative options.

  1. Perform your translation for the class.  Limit performances to 3-4 minutes in length.  Sections must be memorized for full credit!  Costumes and/or props are required, not optional.
  1. Choose a monologue or an aside from any character to perform in its original language for the class.  You may cut the speech to fit the time limit.  You must provide a line-by-line interpretation of the meaning of the speech prior to performing.  Costumes and/or props are required, not optional.  Must be approved by me prior to beginning work.
  2. Create a collage, diorama, or puppet show based on your translated text.

Students must:

  1. Turn in a written copy of their line-by-line interpretation prior to performing. Must be typed or in blue/black ink, double-spaced.  This portion is worth 50 points.
  2. Prepare a short introduction contextualizing the scene for us.
  3. Use costumes and/or props in the reenactment of your new scene.  Performances are worth 50 points.
  4. Stick to the time limit: over 5 min = cut off and grade reduction.
  5. Presentations may be video taped or performed live, but must be memorized for full credit.

Translations are due and presentations will begin on Wednesday 4/26/06.