Attitudes Part I -- before reading play

Consider the following social offenses. Rank each in the order of seriousness:
1 being the most serious and 14 being the least.

________A.    Planning to trick someone
________B.    Lying to parents
________C.    Killing someone for revenge
________D.    Advising someone to marry for money
________E.     Two families having a feud
________F.     Selling poison
________G.    Killing someone by mistake while fighting
________H.    Cursing
________I.   Killing someone in self-defense
________J.   Suicide
________K.    Crashing a party
________L.     Marrying against parents' wishes
________M.    Giving the finger
________N.    Picking a fight
1.      When everyone in your group has completed the assignment, compare your answers. 
2.      Discuss the items in which your group finds the most difference of opinion. 
3.      Come to group consensus (agreement) and rank the top five worst offenses.
4.      List the top five offenses on the white board / overhead provided by Ms. Borger.
5.      Be prepared to defend your decisions in a class discussion.
*Note:  If you missed class the day we did this activity, complete the rankings and write a paragraph explaining your choices.