Scene Interpretations

Prompt:  Choose one scene from Romeo and Juliet and interpret it artistically.

Discussion of the prompt:  There are a number of key scenes throughout the play.  Choose one to interpret creatively and artistically.  You can choose from the list below or develop your own project:

bulletModernize or thematize a scene (countrified R&J, futuristic R&J, alien R&J, etc.)
bulletCreate a diorama representing a scene
bulletCreate a comic book version of the scene
bulletCreate a children’s book version of the play
bulletDo a puppet-show
bulletCreate a song / musical interpretation
bulletOther…? (digital, power point, photography, diary, talk-show, game show, video game concept)

Grading Criteria:  Once you have chosen your form, I will have copies of rubrics which will be specific to each type of project.  However, all projects must remain true to the original text with minimal deviations.  I strongly suggest video recordings of performances as live performances tend to require planning and set-up (and folks often end up w/ stage fright or “giggles” and loose points as a result). Live performances are acceptable; however they can only be 3-5 minutes long including prep time.  Scripts of live performances must be turned in prior to performing.  Worth 100 points.