Journalism Matters Notes:  Chapter 1

·      Weekly newspapers

o       Published weekly

o       In towns w/ 5,000 or fewer residents

o       Showcase for life’s small victories

o       Mostly local news

·      Daily newspapers

o       Published daily

o       In larger towns / urban areas

o       Combination of national, state, and local news

·      School newspapers

o       Published weekly, monthly, quarterly

o       Fulfills similar functions to weeklies

o       Historical document in the making

·      Journalists: Reporters & producers

o       Credibility: believability

o       Verification: fact checking

o       Objectivity: straightforward, neutral presentation of facts w/o bias

·      First Amendment

o       Guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of the press

·      Roles of Journalists

o       Spotlight

o       Database

o       Open Forum

o       Democracy in Motion

o       Represent Community Diversity