Mock Newspaper



Prompt:  Create at least a four-page newspaper / magazine with stories, articles, information of interest to you.


Discussion of the prompt:  You have four pages to fill with stories on topics of interest to you.  You can choose to use Publisher, Word, or Power Point.  You do not have to gather data and do research for this magazine.  Later we will learn the nuances of research and proper citation; this is a mock newspaper.  You need to include the following items in your newspaper:  stories & articles, advertisements, editorials or  letters w/ responses, and a review.  You may include other items or just stick to these.  All stories need a by line (i.e. who’s the story written by?).  Photos or images need captions explaining who or what is being show.  Use magazines, newspapers, websites for ideas on layout.  Give your newspaper / magazine a title.


Grading Criteria:  Attach the rubric on the other side of this page to the back of your newspaper / magazine.  You have three days in the library computer lab to create your project.  We can print in my classroom on Friday in color.  Projects are due on Friday for 100 pts.