¯    Let’s talk about sum-mar-ies—let’s talk about brev-i-ty—let’s talk about being concise & writing pro-por-tion-ally—let’s talk about it...


Summary: ________________________________________________________



Procedures for Summary Writing:


1.      Decide on the purpose of your summary (beyond just getting a grade for your homework J):

a.      _______________________________________________________

b.      _______________________________________________________


2.      Thoroughly understand the material to be summarized:

a.      Scan:

                                                              i.      _________________________________________________

                                                           ii.      _________________________________________________

                                                         iii.      _________________________________________________

                                                         iv.      _________________________________________________

b.      Read and Annotate (make notes):

                                                              i.      ________________________________________________

                             ii.      _________________________________________________

                                                         iii.      _________________________________________________

                                                         iv.      _________________________________________________

  3.      Descriptive summary:  one sentence which describes the overall meaning of an article.

a.      ______________________________________________________.

b.      ____________________ by _______________________ is about….


Star Wars by George Lucas is about a young man named Luke Skywalker who finds his
true father and becomes a Jedi knight as he fights the forces of evil.

“Shopping Fever” by John De Graff is about Americans’ obsession with shopping and the
far-reaching affects it has on our culture.

4.      Informative summary:  short paragraph that gives the major facts and conclusions of an article or piece of writing.

a.      ________________________________________________________________________________

b.      Combine ideas and reorganize the article so that it is shorter and more concise (______________________).

c.      Imagine that you are the author and the editors have asked you to rewrite the article.  ____________________

d.      ____________________________________________________________________________________



5.      Reread the original article:

a.      Check your summary for accuracy and emphasis.

                                                              i.      _______________________________________________________________________

                                                           ii.      _______________________________________________________________________



b.      Make sure your summary is equally proportioned to the article / text:

                                                              i.      If ½ of the article covers Subject A, and the other ½ is split between Subjects B and C, then ½ of your summary should cover A and ½ should be split between B and C.

                                                           ii.      _________________________________________________________________________

                                                         iii.      _________________________________________________________________________


a.      _______________________________________________________

b.      _______________________________________________________

c.      _______________________________________________________

d.      _______________________________________________________

e.      _______________________________________________________

f.       _______________________________________________________

g.      _______________________________________________________

7.      Grading standards:

a.      ____________________________ (underlining & notes on text)

b.      ____________________________ (short)

c.      ____________________________ (accurate)

d.      ____________________________ (emphasis)