Prompt:  Choose five of the prompts below.  Write 250-500 words on each prompt incorporating quotes from the novel for support.  Compile your entries in a finalized format with a creative cover page and a table of contents—do not hand in projects in binders, folders, etc. 

Prompts to choose from:

  1. Make up 10 Newspeak words.  Create a dictionary comprised of these entries (not found in the novel—you create them).  Follow the format found in dictionaries: include pronunciation, what part of speech the word is, a definition or two and use the word in a sample sentence.
  2. Argue with the appendix “The Principles of Newspeak.”  Summarize the article, then write two or more paragraphs arguing for or against its validity in our world today (i.e. do you see examples of “Newspeak” in our world?).
  3. Create diary entries for the three major parts of the novel.  These entries can be from Winston’s, Julia’s, or O’Brien’s points of view. 
  4. Compare the role of war in 1984 to the role of war in our society today.  Are there similarities?  Differences?  Think of the way war is discussed by politicians and in the media.  Are there parallels between war in 1984 and war today?
  5. Summarize the way Julia chooses to subvert or rebel against the system.  Argue in favor of or against her rationale and method.
  6. Who are the “proles” in our society?  Compare them to the proles in the novel.  Do you think they are freer than other members in society?  Why or why not?
  7. Explain in detail the way that the three principles of the Party “work” throughout the novel.
  8. Explain who / what Big Brother is.  Explain how Big Brother exists in our culture today.
  9. Write a newspaper story that follows the principals of Newspeak.  Stay true to the purpose information serves in Winston’s society.  Your story can be about themes, characters, happenings in the novel, or you can write about current happenings in the world today.
  10. Read through the sections of Goldstein’s book from the novel.  Respond to what Goldstein has to say and draw parallels from the world today.
  11. Explain O’Brien’s interrogation process.  Is it torture or rehabilitation?  Explain what room 101 is literally and symbolically.  What would be in your room 101?
  12. Describe and explain the "Two Minutes of Hate" meetings.  What is the purpose of "Two Minutes of Hate?"  Who is our "Goldstein?"
  13. Open:  You may create one prompt of your own; however, you must approve it with me before you respond (i.e. no making your own at 11pm the night before this is due).

Submission Guidelines: Worth 150 points.

All entries must be typed or written in ink.

Follow MLA format.

You must have a total of 15 quotes throughout. Save for the Newspeak dictionary, all entries must have at least one quote from the novel for support—if not more.

All projects should have a creative cover page with an image or art of some kind.