1984 Projects


Prompt:   Choose one of the formats below to encapsulate the themes of control, oppression, surveillance, identity from Orwell’s 1984.

Discussion of Prompt:  Choose one of the formats below.  Create a final product that encapsulates the themes and ideas from 1984. 

Video: Make a video representation of Two Minutes Hate.  Your video must correspond with the description set forth in the novel.

Excerpts:  Write excerpts one would expect to read from either the book purportedly written by Goldstein or a manual written for use by the Thought Police (their tactics, procedures for capture, etc.) or a manual for use by the Spies, children’s organizations, or Junior Anti-Sex League. 500-word minimum.

Posters: Create a poster Winston might see hanging on the walls of his world.  It must include some reference to Big Brother and surveillance.

Collage:  Create a collage using images that represent the themes mentioned in the novel.  Focus primarily on surveillance and the concept of being watched, on the power dynamics (Big Brother, Inner Party, Outer Party, Proles), or on the three slogans of the Party, etc.

Dioramas / Diagrams:  Create a 3D diorama or 2D floor plan for any of the places from the novel: Charrington’s shop, Winston’s apartment, Miniluv, Minitru, Room 101, diagram of the city, etc.  Must be accurate to the descriptions from the novel.

Other: If you have an alternative project, share it with Borger & get approval before starting.

Grading Criteria:  Projects are worth 100 points.  Each project will have a rubric specific to the form you choose; however, all projects will be graded for accuracy in relation to the novel, creativity, polish of final product, demonstrated understanding of main themes from novel.