Study Guide:
The following questions are more global in scope; they are also labeled by category.  Use these questions to guide more globalized thinking about the novel.  If you turn in a completed
study guide, you could earn up to 5 points extra credit.

Questions – Part I

1. Language/Logic, Setting: What does the opening sentence suggest about the book?

2. Irony, Language/Logic, Character: The name "Winston" means "from a friendly country. "Smith" is a common last name. From these names, can you suggest a possible irony?

3. Irony/Paradox, Language/Logic: What are the Party mottos? What is unusual about them?

4. Language/Logic, Theme: What is Newspeak? What is its purpose? (A look at the Appendix might be helpful here.) Why is it essential for the Party to rid the language of synonyms and antonyms?

5. Language/Logic: Who is Big Brother and what is the significance of his name?

6. Language/Logic: What is “facecrime?” Why is it so easy to commit?

7. Theme, Irony/Paradox: How does the Party control history? Why

8. Plot, Theme: Who is Emmanuel Goldstein and how is he presented to the people of Oceania? What is the probable significance of using the obviously Jewish name?

Questions – Part Two

1. Character: In what ways are Julia and Winston alike? In what ways are they different?

2. Theme: Why does the party permit couples to marry but discourage love?

3. Plot: O’Brien asks Winston and Julia what they are willing to do for the Brotherhood. What are they willing to do? What is the one thing they are unwilling to do? What types of things does O’Brien tell them they might have to face as members of the Brotherhood?

4. Irony/Paradox: Julia tells Winston that even though the Party can torture a person and make him say anything, they cannot make him believe it. How do you feel about this statement? How easy is it to brainwash a person? Do you think governments actually use brainwashing? Discuss.

5. Plot: Why are the three superpowers always at war according to the Brotherhood’s handbook?

6. Plot, Irony/Paradox: How are Winston and Julia betrayed?

Questions – Part Three

1. Character, Irony/Paradox: How does Parsons feel about being imprisoned as a result of his own daughter reporting him for “thoughtcrime?”

2. Theme, Plot: Before Winston is interrogated, he sees many prisoners escorted off to Room 101. From their reactions, he gathers the room is extremely unpleasant. What is in Room 101?

3. Plot: When and in what way does Winston betray Julia?

4. Plot: Why does O’Brien say prisoners are brought to the Ministry of Love?

5. Plot: What happens to Julia?

6. Theme, Irony/Paradox: How does Winston ultimately feel about Big Brother?