1984 Study Questions:  I am not collecting responses to these questions for a grade; however, it would behoove you to know the answers for overall comprehension of the novel.  While you may use your novel occasionally on quizzes, having a study guide with you may prove beneficial—it can serve as a road map to guide you chronologically through the book.  Turning in a completed study guide will earn you up to 25 points extra credit.


      1.          In the first sentence, what strikes you as wrong?

      2.          In looking at his room and the housing, what is unusual?

      3.          How does the government try to control everybody?

      4.          What are the three party slogans?

      5.          What do you suppose they mean?

      6.          What does Winston keep behind the brick?

      7.          What thought did Winston finally write down?

      8.          How is the journal "thoughtcrime"?

      9.          Why wouldn't the government want this?

  10.          What is Two Minutes Hate?

  11.          Who do they scream at?

  12.          Why do they hate him?

  13.          What principles does he espouse?

  14.          What might everyone get very angry during two minutes hate?

  15.          As a government, why would you want this exercise?

  16.          Describe Winston's next door neighbors.

  17.          Why does she need Winston's help?

  18.          Why do the kids scare him and the woman?

  19.          How does he act when he is confronted by the kids?

  20.          Complete this quote; "Whoever controls the past, _________________________"

  21.          What does this mean?

  22.          Where does Winston work?

  23.          What is his job?

  24.          Why is its name ironic?

  25.          How does he feel about destroying all these facts?

  26.          Why is his job important?

  27.          What is Syme working on?

  28.          Why is his job important?

  29.          How have people used "newspeak" today?

  30.          Describe Parsons.

  31.          Who is more likely to live to age 40: Parsons, Syme or Smith?

  32.          Why?

  33.          How do most Minitrue people look?

  34.          Why?

  35.          Who had Winston been married to?

  36.          What was wrong with her?

  37.          Why would they arrange marriages?

  38.          Why would they not frown on prostitutes so much?

  39.          If they frown on sex, why do they have a porno division in Minitrue?

  40.          Who are the Proles?

  41.          How much of Oceania's population is prole?

  42.          Complete this quote: "Proles and animals__________"

  43.          The party teaches two contradictory things about the proles: what are they?

  44.          Why is it important for the Party to have a class of proles? What functions do they serve?

  45.          Would you want to be a prole or a member of the outer party?

  46.          What does jus primae noctis mean?

  47.          Is the schoolbook history accurate?

  48.          Why is it important that the schoolbook history be changed?

  49.          Who did Winston see in the Chestnut Tree Cafe?

  50.          Why were they there?

  51.          What was wrong with them?

  52.          Why would the party want them where people can see them?

  53.          Complete this quote: "Freedom is the freedom to say______________"

  54.          Why is that Freedom?

  55.          How much research and science goes on in Airstrip One?

  56.          What bit of truth did Winston uncover?

  57.          How are his actions thoughtcrime?

  58.          Where did Winston go that night, instead of to the rally?

  59.          Who does he offer a drink to?

  60.          Why?

  61.          Where does Winston wind up going after the bar?

  62.          What does he buy?

  63.          How is that object symbolic?

  64.          How is the color of the object important?

  65.          What interests him in the room upstairs?


  66.          What gets passed to Winston on his way to the bathroom?

  67.          What does he suspect it is?

  68.          What is written on the slip?

  69.          Where do they first meet and talk to one another?

  70.          Why is this a good place to meet?

  71.          Who is Winston looking at when he talks to Julia?

  72.          Why is that significant?

  73.          How is nature described?

  74.          How is this passage different from the one at the very beginning of the book?

  75.          Why has nature changed so much?

  76.          What is the "Golden Land?"

  77.          Much of this is an allusion to another book and another couple. Who?

  78.          What don't they do right away?

  79.          Why not?

  80.          Winston says he has no desire to lie to her. Why wouldn't he?

  81.          Why did he want to kill her two weeks ago?

  82.          How could their love-making be a political act?

  83.          Explain how Julia rebels against the government?

  84.          Why is it better that she joins in on all the groups?

  85.          Why does Julia break the rules?

  86.          Why does Winston want to break the rules?

  87.          Complete this quote; "I hate purity______________" Explain.

  88.          This seems an odd idea. Why does he think it?

  89.          How does this also show a triumph of Ingsoc?



  90.          Where else do they succeed in making love?

  91.          Why don't they get to more often?

  92.          Generally, what do they do when they are around each other?

  93.          According to Julia, what are two reasons why the state doesn't want sex?

  94.          Julia later says "I'm not interested in the next generation, I'm interested in us." What does she mean?

  95.          How much work does Winston do? (Hours)

  96.          Julia?

  97.          Why does she join the Jr. Anti-Sex league?

  98.          Complete the line "If you keep the little rules,_____________________" Explain.

  99.          For her, what is life for?

100.          Why do you suppose this thinking comes from female characters?

101.          What does Winston wish he had done? Why?

102.          Why does Winston say that "We are the dead."

103.          How does Julia try to wake him up?

104.          What does she say?

105.          What has Winston gone and done?

106.          Why is that foolish?

107.          Why has he done it?

108.          What does she wear?

109.          Why does she want to wear it?

110.          Winston is deathly afraid of something, what is it?

111.          How does she reassure him?

112.          Why is the song "Bells of St. Martin's" important?

113.          How does Winston know that Syme has been taken?

114.          Why was he taken?

115.          Why does O'Brien mention Syme?

116.          Why does that make Winston so happy?

117.          What celebration is coming?

118.          How are they preparing for it?

119.          Why do they have this? What purpose does it serve?

120.          What does the glass paperweight symbolize?

121.          What does Winston dream about?

122.          What is real betrayal?


123.          What was Winston's attitude in the office?

124.          When else have we seen this excitement?

125.          What privilege does O'Brien have?

126.          When does Julia wince?

127.          What does she seem to be afraid of?

128.          Do you trust him?

129.          Remembering what real betrayal was, does O'Brien lead them to it?

130.          Where will they meet again?

131.          What does Winston think that quote means?

132.          What swift and sudden change occurs in Oceania?

133.          Why might the government do this to the people?

134.          How has the US government done this recently?

135.          In Oceania, what is the purpose of war?

136.          Where is this war fought?

137.          Who fights in it?

138.          Who is dropping rocket bombs on London?

139.          Why does the government want this war to continue?

140.          How is this policy true today?



141.          Is Julia very interested in the book? Explain.

142.          Why is Winston so juiced about this?

143.          What does “Doublethink” mean?

144.          Why was this concept introduced?

145.          What current subject do we use “Doublethink” on?

146.          How can Ignorance be Strength?

147.          How can Intelligence be weakness?

148.          How has Ingsoc stopped class warfare?

149.          What are the two reasons for changing the past?

150.          What does Winston think about the prole woman?

151.          Where was the viewscreen?

152.          Why do they repeat what Winston and Julia say?

153.          What happens to the paperweight?  Why is that important?



154.          What is the torture O'Brien is inflicting?

155.          Why does he tell Winston what Winston is thinking?

156.          How does O'Brien try to build trust?

157.          Why is he doing this?

158.          What are some of the delusions that Winston has been suffering from?

159.          How is Winston mentally deranged?

160.          How does the party control the past?

161.          Where does Reality exist, according to the party?

162.          When does 2+2=5?

163.          Whose eyes does he have then?

164.          Why is he in the Ministry of Love?

165.          Why are there no Martyrdoms?

166.          Why must Winston surrender of his own free will?

167.          Will Winston die at the end of this process?

168.          Do you suppose he will ever see Julia again?  Explain.

169.          What questions does Winston ask?

170.          Why would a torturer offer that opportunity to Winston?

171.          Why is trust so important to O'Brien?

172.          Is he telling the truth?

173.          Does it matter? Explain.

174.          Does Big Brother exist?

175.          What does O'Brien mean "you do not exist."

176.          Does O'Brien exist?



177.          Why does the government crush the people?

178.          How do they control matter?

179.          Is there any reality outside the human skull?

180.          What will the future look like?

181.          According to O'Brien, What is Winston?  Explain.

182.          What will men look like in the future?

183.          What did men look like in the past?

184.          What is the only shred of humanity Winston has left, before Room 101?

185.          What has he lost?

186.          What is in Room 101?

187.          When did you know this is what would be there?

188.          What would be in Julia's 101?

189.          Is Winston human anymore?

190.          What is the last line of the novel?

191.          Does he mean it?  Explain.