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Animal Farm Study Guide                
Worth 100 points
If you lose your study guide, answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.

Chapter One (I):

  1. Who owns Manor Farm?
  2. Who is Old Major?  Why does he assemble the animals together?
  3. Who is Boxer?  Describe him.
  4. Summarize the main ideals outlined by Old Major after the Rebellion happens.

Chapter Two (II):

  1. Who are the three main pigs?
  2. List the commandments these pigs put together based on Old Majorís teachings.
  3. How does the rebellion occur?
  4. Which two animals emerge as potential leaders after the rebellion?
  5. What is done with the farm house?

Chapter Three (III):

  1. What kind of work do the pigs do?  Why is this?
  2. Why does their food taste better to the animals now?
  3. Who is the most admired worker and why?
  4. What is Boxerís personal motto?
  5. What happens during the Meetings on Sundays?
  6. Who can read and write on the farm?
  7. What are some of the ways Snowball and Napoleon differ?
  8. Who was sent to explain where the milk & apples went?  What explanation does he give?
  9. Are all animals really equal?  Explain.

Chapter Four (IV):

  1. Describe Mr. Pilkington and Mr. Frederick.
  2. Who sings Beasts of England now?
  3. Describe the battle in chapter four.  What is this battle called?
  4. Where was Mollie during the battle?
  5. Where did Snowball learn his battle techniques?
  6. How does Boxer react to the injured human?
  7. How does Napoleon react to the injured human?
  8. Who is awarded the medal ďAnimal Hero, First Class?Ē  What original commandment of Old Majorís does this break?

Chapter Five (V):

  1. What does Clover accuse Mollie of at the beginning of the chapter? What happens to Mollie after
  2. What is happening at the meetings between Snowball and Napoleon? 
  3. What idea did Snowball have to improve the farm?
  4. What are the slogans the animals come up with to distinguish the different ideas of Napoleon and Snowball?
  5. Finish this sentence: ďThe animals listened first to Napoleon, then to Snowball, and could not make up their minds which was right; indeed, they always found themselves in agreement with
  6. When Snowball begins winning the debate, what does Napoleon do?  What happens to Snowball?
  7. Where did the attack dogs come from?
  8. What changes does Napoleon make in relation to the Meetings on Sundays?
  9. What new motto does Boxer create for himself?
  10. How does Squealer explain Napoleonís change of heart toward the windmill?

Chapter Six (VI):

  1. What is the animalsí work life like now?
  2. What new policy does Napoleon announce that expressly breaks one of Old Majorís commandments?
  3. Who is Mr. Whymper?
  4. Where do the animals start living on the farm?  What commandment(s) does this break?
  5. What change is made in the seven commandments?
  6. What really happened to the windmill?  What does Napoleon say happened to the windmill?

Chapter Seven (VII):

  1. What is the quality of life of the animals on the farm at the beginning of this chapter?
  2. Why was the windmill so difficult to re-build?
  3. Describe how Napoleon lives and moves about on the farm now.
  4. How do the hens protest Napoleonís desire to sell their eggs?  What is their punishment?
  5. How is Snowball used as a scapegoat on the farm?
  6. How does Squealer change the story of the Battle of Cowshed?
  7. What happens when Napoleon assembles all the animals in the yard with his dogs? What commandment does this break?
  8. Why is Clover sad as she sits on the knoll after the slaughter? What does she do to express her sorrow and make herself and others feel better?
  9. Why does Squealer ban the singing of Beasts of England?

Chapter Eight (VIII):

  1. Which commandment is changed?
  2. What is life like on the farm now compared to Jonesís day?
  3. Why is it a shock that Napoleon sold the wood to Frederick?
  4. What do Frederick and his men do to the windmill?
  5. Why isnít Boxer as hopeful about building windmill #3?
  6. During the celebration of the Battle of the Windmill, what commandments do the pigs break?
  7. Whoís been changing the commandments on the barn wall?

Chapter Nine (IX):

  1. How do the pigs react to Mosesí stories of Sugarcandy Mountain?  Why do the animals believe in it more now than at the beginning of the book?
  2. What happens to Boxer as he is dragging a load of stone down to the windmill?
  3. What does Squealer say Napoleon is planning to do for Boxer?  What does Napoleon really do?
  4. Where does the money come from for the pigs to purchase another case of whiskey?

Chapter Ten (X):

  1. Why canít the animals remember whether things were better or worse now than under Jones?
  2. Finish this phrase: ďSomehow it seemed as though the farm had grown richer
  3. What does Squealer do that causes Clover to utter a terrifying neigh?
  4. What is Napoleon carrying in his trotter as he exits the farmhouse?
  5. What song do the sheep bleat now?
  6. What commandments are now on the barn at the end of the book?
  7. What do the animals see as they peek into the farmhouse that final evening?
  8. Napoleon changes the name of Animal Farm to what?