Grendel: Creative Project

Prompt:  Chose one of the projects below (or get one approved from Borger).  Create an artistic representation based on the characters, the action, the struggle / conflict, or the setting from the novel Grendel.

Discussion of the prompt:  Grendel is set in a foreign land and is played out by characters with foreign cultures (and names—Wealtheow for goodness’ sake?!).  Your job is to find some visual way to represent some aspect of the novel for display within the classroom.  You may choose to represent Grendel’s internal identity struggle.  You may want to create a character map with representations of the characters.  You may want to create a story-board of the rising action of the novel, a diorama of the world in which Grendel lives, a poster with dialogue from the Dragon, chart the journey of Beowulf or Wealtheow from their homelands, etc.  Pick a section of the novel and find a creative way to represent it in the classroom.  Some formats include, but are not limited to, the following: 

Comics (on white paper, inked or in color)
Movie posters
Book covers
Poetry / song lyrics (must have some kind of visual component)

Play to your strengths and to the time allotted.  You may work in pairs, but no more than two to a group.  There’s not enough work to sustain four people.  If four people want to work together, create two separate projects (i.e. split yourselves up).

Grading Criteria:  This assignment is due on Thursday, September 22 at the beginning of class.  It is worth 50 points.  You will be graded on level of creativity, polish of product, time used in class, relevance to the novel, clarity and logic.