Split-Notes: 100 pts
bulletFollow the format for split-notes
bulletYou need three to five quotes per chapter.
bulletQuotes should focus on monstrosities in the novel (by Grendel or by humans), our existence (why are we here), and identity issues (Grendel's search for his purpose for being).
bulletUltimately you will be writing / discussing who is the primary monster in the novel.  Is it Grendel?  Is it Hrothgar and his men?  Is it the Dragon?  Is it Beowulf?  We'll also be examining issues related to our purpose for existence.  
bulletYour explanations do not need to be extremely detailed--as long as you understand them and can elaborate on the significance of the quotes in discussion and in writing.
bulletQuotes can be abbreviated; use ellipses (...) to indicate that the quote continues.
bulletThe final assignment is worth 100 pts.  I will collect it on Friday, September 16th.  I will also do a few checks for participation points.  Completing these as you read is important so that you don't have to "swim" through the entire novel after you've read it all.