I am the Cheese

Plot Timelines


We’ve discussed the narrative structure of I am the Cheese.  For this assignment, you are to make two plot timelines from the novel.  The first timeline charts Adam’s journey to Vermont.  The second timeline charts the topics of conversation (and points of stress) between Adam and Brint.  Make the timelines parallel to one another (similar to split-notes on quotes from novels and plays).  It will be your job to draw connections between the events in each timeline.  Include page numbers and distinguish between chapters.  Worth 50 points--will be checked periodically during the unit.



Bike Ride

Taped Sessions

·  Going to visit father (in hospital?)

·  Takes father wrapped gift

·  Mentions fears (elevator / open spaces)

· Refuses to take meds (for depression / anxiety?)

·  Wanted to call Amy but didn’t

[Pages 1-5]


·  "T” is therapist / counselor named Brint

·  Mentions “fleeing” when 3 ˝

·  Lilac & Tobacco

·  “A” is distrustful of Brint

·  Doesn’t trust meds

[Pages 6-11]

·   Meets “Skipper” man

·   Gets map and tires filled

·   70 miles to Rutterburg, VT

·   Says dad is in hospital (14)


·  Paul Delmonte and Amy Hertz mentioned

·  "A” gets nauseous and has headache

·  Short session