Independent Reading Journal Responses

After or while you read each class period, write a short journal response in relation to the following prompts.  These journals will be collected at the end of this unit and will count for 50 points of your overall grade.  Write using complete sentences. Number your entries.  If you have no entry for a particular number, leave it blank (i.e. you read about no symbols, mark "N/A" for number 6 for your entry that day).

  1. Write the day and date at the top of your journal.
  2. Write how many pages you read today (start page to end page).
  3. Summarize what happened between those pages.
  4. If a character is introduced, write the character’s name and provide a short description of her/him.
  5. Identify and explain major themes in the text.  Summarize events which highlight these themes.
  6. Identify and explain symbols in the text.  Summarize events which highlight these symbols.
  7. Make predictions—what do you think will happen next?