Lord of the Flies Project Rubric: 150 points









Has 10 or more Has 8-7 Has 6-5 Has 4 or less








Uses quotes to support specific argument.  Quotes are appropriately placed, tagged, explained. Includes quotes for the sake of using quotes.  Some quotes explained, others just “float” Includes quotes for the sake of using quotes.  Few if any are given explanation. Relies on paraphrasing.  No direct quotes used. No attempt at explaining, tagging, etc.
Focus & Organization








Strong organization.  Project remains focused on one theme.  Nothing extraneous. Organized.  Some cross over between themes / prompts.  Few tangents. Weak organization.  Unclear theme.  Many tangents. No attempt made at organization.  Ideas are sporadic.  The entire project is tangential.
Format / Creativity/ Polish







Preparation is obvious.  Final product is polished.  Creative and well planned. More time could have been used for preparation.  Final product is rough around the edges.  Banal format / way to address issues.  Final product looks like a rough draft. Little to no attempt made at creativity or polish of final product.
Other Comments