Lord of the Flies Study Guide

This guide is not mandatory; it is optional.  You may choose to use it in one of the following three ways:

A. Practice quizzing yourself after each chapter.

B. Write page numbers beneath questions to assist with finding quotes.

C. Complete and turn in on study guide check days (see calendar).  You 
     will receive extra-credit on your LOTF exam for fulfilling this requirement. 


Chapter 1

      1.   What major characteristic do we get of the first boy?


      2.   What major characteristics do we get of the second boy?


      3.   What happened to the plane that made these boys stranded on the island?


      4.   Why can’t Piggy run or swim?


      5.   How does Ralph behave when he learns what people called Piggy at home? 


      6.   What does Ralph’s father do for a living and why does this provide hope for Ralph?


      7.   What did Piggy’s aunt do for a living?  And why did he live with her? 


      8.   According to Piggy, why is it likely no one, including the people at the airport, knows where they are?


      9.   What does Ralph find?  What does he use this item for? 


  10.   What are the names of the twins?


  11.   Explain the outfits of the last group of boys to arrive at the platform. 


  12.   Instead of introducing himself by Jack, how does Jack introduce himself? 


  13.   What does Ralph suggest is necessary for helping out with their rescue? 


  14.   What does Jack argue? 


  15.   What does Roger suggest? 


  16.   What three boys go on the exploration to see if they are indeed on an island? 


  17.   What item does Jack have? 


  18.   What job does Ralph give Piggy?


  19.   What type of animal do the three boys see?


  20.   Why does it get away? 


  21.   What does Jack promise about “next time”?


Chapter 2 


  22.   What rule does Ralph establish? 


  23.   Who is the only one who can interrupt someone speaking?


  24.   What are two books that are mentioned that remind the boys about the adventure they hope to have on the island?  

  25.   What description does the narrator give us of the six-year-old boy who tells the older boys what he has found?


  26.   What does this boy tell the older boys? 


  27.   What happens to this boy?


  28.   What does Jack say he will do if there is a beastie? 


  29.   What evidence does Ralph give the other boys to persuade them that they will be rescued?


  30.   What does Ralph suggest they do to help themselves get rescued? 


  31.   What do Ralph and Jack embarrassingly realize? 


  32.   What does Jack suggest using to start a fire? 


  33.   Why does Ralph think the fire is no good? 


  34.   How does Simon defend Piggy? 


  35.   What did the boys accidentally do?


  36.   What does Piggy say they should have done before starting a fire?


Chapter 3


  37.   Describe Jack.  What is he wearing?  What looks different now from when he first arrived on the island?


  38.   What is Jack doing?


  39.   What is the first thing Jack asks for when he comes out of the forest?


  40.   What are Ralph and Simon doing?


  41.   What is Ralph upset by? 


  42.   What are Ralph’s feelings on meetings? 


  43.   Describe the conflict between Jack and Ralph after Ralph says, “When the meeting is over they’d work for five minutes, then wander off or go hunting.” 


  44.   Jack says he could have killed a pig if they could make what? 


  45.   There are two reasons why Ralph thinks it is really important to have shelter.  What are they?


a.       ______________________________________________________________________________


b.      ______________________________________________________________________________


  46.   Of what are the children still afraid? 


  47.   What are Jack’s thoughts on rescue? 


  48.   Where must the pigs be hiding during the hot day? 


  49.   Where do Jack and Ralph assume Simon is? 


  50.   Where is Simon really?


Chapter 4


  51.   What do the first two paragraphs describe? 


  52.   How is this description important symbolically to the story? 


  53.   What have the littluns grown used to because of their eating habits?


  54.   Who are the three boys building sand castles? 


  55.   Who is the leader of the three?  What reason is given for him being leader? 


  56.   Who cries and why? 


  57.   Of what duty have Roger and Maurice just been relieved? 


  58.   Of what does Maurice feel a bit guilty? 


  59.   What catches Henry’s interest on the beach? 


  60.   What almost hits Roger?


  61.   What keeps Roger from throwing the stones at Henry?


  62.   What is Jack doing to himself and why?


  63.   Who is all with Jack in the forest?


  64.   What is a strange detail of Piggy’s hair? 


  65.   What does Piggy suggest making that Ralph ignores?


  66.   What does Ralph see in the distance? 


  67.   What happened to the smoke on the mountain?  How does Ralph react? 


  68.   What does Jack return with?


  69.   What do the boys chant upon their return? 


  70.   What happens to Piggy after he yells at Jack for letting the fire go out? 


  71.   Who gives Piggy his piece of meat? 


  72.   What does Jack do in response to this? 


  73.   What does Maurice pretend to be? 


  74.   What does Ralph decide to do at the end of the chapter?


Chapter 5


  75.   What does Ralph decide about the meeting that he is about to have? 


  76.   What does this say about how Ralph is changing? 


  77.   What does Ralph start to realize about his appearance? 


  78.   What did Ralph, Jack, and Piggy not have the “wit” to do? 


  79.   What does Ralph realize a chief needs to be able to do? 


  80.   Where does Piggy stand at the beginning of the assembly? 


  81.   What is the first thing Ralph lists as something that the boys have failed to do? 


  82.   What is Ralph’s second complaint? 


  83.   What is Ralph’s third complaint? 


  84.   What do all the littluns laugh about while Ralph is talking?


  85.   What is Ralph’s fourth command? 


  86.   What does Ralph say about fires for cooking? 


  87.   What is the last thing Ralph tries to talk about before he loses control?


  88.   What does Jack have to say about the littluns’ fear? 


  89.   What did the boy named Phil think he saw?


  90.   What did the boy really see? 


  91.   How does Maurice get the littluns to stop crying? 


  92.   According to Percival, where does the beast live? 


  93.   What does Simon suggest about the beast? 


  94.   What do the boys vote on? 


  95.   Why does Ralph not blow the conch? 


  96.   Why is Piggy afraid of Ralph giving up control? 


Chapter 6


  97.   What is happening in the air while the boys sleep? 


  98.   What sign is sent to the boys that they don’t get to read?


  99.   What do Sam and Eric think they see?


100.   What do they really see?


101.   How do Sam and Eric exaggerate what they saw? 


102.   When Jack follows Ralph up the rocks, what does he think the castle rock would be good for? 


103.   About what do Ralph and Jack argue?


Chapter 7


104.   What does Simon say to Ralph? 


105.   What sarcastic remark does Ralph have in response?


106.   What is discouraging Ralph in regard to being rescued? 


107.   What does Ralph accomplish that he is quite proud of? 


108.   What happens to Jack during the pig hunt?


109.   Who hurts his butt during the game of pretend pig hunt? 


110.   What does Simon offer? 


111.   What does Ralph ask Jack that makes the boys uncomfortable?


112.   All but what three boys remain to go up the mountain? 


113.   What do the three boys see on the mountain?


Chapter 8


114.   What two things does Ralph say that insults Jack? 


115.   Who calls the meeting? 


116.   List two reasons that Jack offers for why Ralph is not a proper chief.


117.   What kind of vote does Jack call for? 


118.   What childish thing does Jack say after the vote doesn’t go his way? 


119.   What does Simon suggest doing? 


120.   Where does Piggy suggest building the fire? 


121.   Where do Maurice, Bill, and Roger go? 


122.   Where does Simon go? 


123.   What does Jack rub all over Maurice? 


124.   What do they do with the sharpened stick? 


125.   What is the pig’s head name? 


126.   When Jack comes for the fire, what is he wearing? 


127.   How does Jack try to tempt the boys who have stayed with Ralph?


128.   What does the Lord of the Flies say to Simon about having fun?


Chapter 9


129.   What does Simon find on the mountain? 


130.   What does Simon do after smelling the dead body? 


131.   Which side of the island had a little bit of smoke? 


132.   What does this imply about who most of the boys are following? 


133.   What is Piggy sure is going to happen? 


134.   What does Piggy suggest doing? 


135.   What does Jack wave when he speaks? 


136.   After the boys have eaten all they want, Jack and Ralph try to persuade the boys do what? 


137.   What does Jack say about the conch? 


138.   Whose side do most the boys choose? 


139.   What is the chant?  How has it changed from previous chapters? 


140.   What does Simon try to tell the boys?


141.   What happens to Simon?


142.   What happens to the man on the parachute?


Chapter 10


143.   Who is left on Ralph’s side of the island?


144.   About what is Ralph feeling guilty? 


145.   What injuries did Samneric suffer from the night before? 


146.   What is Robert’s job? 


147.   What weapon does Jack’s tribe have to protect the entrance of the Castle Rock? 


148.   What does Robert tell Roger that Jack is going to do? 


149.   What does Bill ask that makes Jack blush? 


150.   What does Ralph recall hearing from Simon and seeing in the sky? 


151.   What do Ralph, Piggy, and Samneric decide about the fire? 


152.   What happens while Piggy, Ralph, and Samneric sleep in the shelter? 


153.   What does Jack steal?


Chapter 11


154.   Although it is totally ineffective, what does Piggy urge Ralph to do?


155.   What reason does Piggy say he is going to give Jack for why he should give him back his glasses? 


156.   What does Piggy suggest they can do with their hair?  


157.   What is Ralph’s response to this suggestion? 


158.   What does Ralph do once at the entrance of the Castle Rock? 


159.   What does Roger do to the twins when they first arrive at the Castle Rock? 


160.   What does Ralph call Jack that angers him? 


161.   What happens in response to Ralph calling Jack this name? 


162.   What happens to Samneric? 


163.   What happens to Piggy? 


164.   What happens to Ralph?


Chapter 12


165.   What happened to Samneric to make them join up with Jack’s tribe and guard the entrance of Castle Rock? 


166.   What do they tell Ralph all the boys are going to do the next day? 


167.   What can you infer Roger and Jack intend to do with the stick that sharpened at both ends? 


168.   What does one of the twins give to Ralph as he leaves? 


169.   What happens to Samneric after Ralph leaves? 


170.   How do the chief and Roger know where Ralph is hiding? 


171.   What are the two methods that the boys use to get Ralph out of the hiding spot? 


172.   How were the boys communicating? 


173.   What two options did Ralph think he had for escape? 


174.   What happens to the island that turns out to be good? 


175.   Who says he is boss when the officer asks?


176.   The British officer says, “I should have thought that a pack of British boys . . . would have been able to put up a better show than that.”   What does he mean?   How is this hypocritical?


* Adapted from: http://www.argo217.k12.il.us/departs/english/blettiere/lotf.htm.