Survival Guide

Prompt: Create a two-page, crash-course survival guide for survival in a foreign environment (i.e. ship-wreck).  Include elements related to basic needs.

Discussion of the prompt:  Develop a Survival Manual. The manual should describe the essentials of survival in a foreign or hostile environment and options for materials and strategies using information found on the Web. Review the information at the following sites and create a manual with a creative cover, table of contents, illustrations and text describing the elements of survival. As a technical document, the manual will report and/or convey information logically and correctly, offer detailed and accurate specifications, and include examples to aid comprehension.  

Equipped to Survive Foundation: 

Captain Dave's Survival Center:


Grading Criteria: This assignment is worth 75 points.  You will be graded based on the following:

bulletFollows assignment: includes all elements mentioned in prompt above.
bulletProduces polished final product with few errors.
bulletReports information logically and correctly.
bulletOffers detailed and accurate specifications.
bulletIncludes definitions, examples, pictures, images, etc. to aid comprehension.

This assignments is due Thursday, October 13th at the end of class.  The best way to save information is to email it to yourself (and all group members).  A group member's absence as an excuse for not having your work in on time will result in late grades.  Make sure all group members have all saved materials.  Forward emails to group members and/or also send Ms. Borger a copy: