Ms. Borger

Prompt:  Write a 750-1000 word essay explaining either how Elie’s relationship with his father or with God changes throughout the course of the novel Night.

Discussion of the prompt:  Elie experiences some dramatic changes of character in the novel Night.  As a result of his experiences, his attitude toward and his relationship with God and his own father change as well.  Choose one of these relationships and examine the changes that take place in it.  Your first body paragraph should focus on how Elie felt and treated his father / God at the beginning of the novel. Your second body paragraph should focus on how this relationship changes in the camps.  Your third body paragraph should focus on what his relationship is at the very end (during and after the death march).



bulletIntro:  Begin your paper with an attention getter.  Provide a short summary of the novel and include the title and author’s name.  End with a thesis statement that clearly previews which relationship you’re analyzing.
bulletBody:  Paragraphs should have opening topic sentences.  Each paragraph should have at least two quotes and examples from the text.  Include page numbers and “parenthetical citations at the end of quotes” (Borger 1).  Make sure you do not leave quotes standing alone!!  Remember: tag + quote + cite + explanation = good format.
bulletConclusion:  Summarize your main points without repeating your introduction.  Include an exigency (i.e. the “Jerry Springer Final Thought”àso what?!  So, what should I have learned after reading your paper and from reading Night?).
bulletFormat:  Double space, typed (12 pt font), write only on 1 side of the page, MLA format (name info.).